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Recurring Billing Software iScripts EasyBiller 1.1 is released

by Aji Abraham

We just released a new version of the recurring billing script.  iScripts EasyBiller 1.1 is designed to meet online customer management and billing of service businesses. A new or existing service business can use this open source PHP software for online customer management and billing.

This software works great with service businesses like child care centers, music schools, dance studios, martial arts training centers, accountants, answering services , IT or Network companies etc.. It is perfect for any business that needs to bill a customer on recurring periods.

End users can sign up for online or offline for your services. Or it can be created by business owner and given to clients. Users can create their profile payment methods etc.. This can work as an exclusive invoicing system or as an online billing portion along with your existing invoicing and collection.

In the new version we have added a number of payment gateways like Paypal, Worldpay, Yourpay etc.. in addition to existing Authorize.net and its simulators. It can also support offline payment options like cash, check , money order etc..

Another improvement is the flexibility in billing and services. Now you can add multiple plans into a combo plan, customer specific plans etc.. Wouldn’t it make sense to create a custom plan if your customer is buying 3 services instead of one.

We understand even when your invoices are fairly fixed every month, things change. It can support one time credits and one time charges as well. Previous versions have been US centric. We made improvements to make the software applicable for different countries.

As with all our software products you will receive full source code when you buy the software. It means you can customize it anyway you want to meet your business requirements. We also added few new themes as part of the software package which is available at no extra cost.

You can also modify the look and feel of the site by editing the style sheets and html pages. Unlike most online invoicing services, you have your entire sensitive, confidential customer data resides within your control.  It is never in our servers or our control.

Customer service is becoming more and more important to the core business. However it comes at a cost. Random phone calls from existing customer could be very disruptive to the operations. Best way to stream line customer support is to use help desk application where you can spend few minutes every day or so to respond customer queries.

It helps you organize customer queries and create knowledge base articles for self help. We have integrated iScripts SupportDesk (priced $147) within the software free of cost. You can enable the help desk or disable it. You do not need to buy another license for the help desk.

Also one of the proven ways for new customer acquisition is affiliate or referral programs. We have included an affiliate program built in the software. You can enable them or disable it.

Overall theme of the new version has been increasing flexibility so that you can use this online billing software as it fits your business. iScripts EasyBiller is available for immediate download for $147.00

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