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Examples of Online Barter using iScripts eSwap

by Milan Mathew

iSwap is an online community with a common interest in swapping selected products. The experience is aimed at families with children involved in the swapping of collectibles. What this also creates is the chance for parents to be more involved with their child’s online activity thus creating the family experience.

Mr. Stefan, the owner of iSwap contacted iScripts two years back with the wonderful idea of a fully automated national swap shop. We found our online swapping software, iScripts eSwap as a preliminary business solution for iSwap.

That was a decision! Mr. Stefan was with a series of requirements for his website to be add-on to iScripts eSwap, and developers at iScripts put their effort to bring the best result to Stefan in meeting his business goals. Finally, we found the result in the form of https://www.iswaponline.com/

Our client, Mr. Stefan says about the project:

“In August 2016 I began a journey in bringing an idea about offering a fully automated national swap shop to life. Having no experience in web design, running my own business or project managing in IT I was reliant on a professional outfit with strong, knowledgeable and open advisors who I could trust to support me and drive the iSwap project with expertise.

Initially, I spoke to Jon Skulemowski, Who gave me confidence in iscripts ability to deliver the project. John took the time for a number of calls across from the USA to my base in the UK. He set out how the project would progress, be reviewed and the timescales involved. John was there throughout the project to iron out any concerns I had. He did a great job and I was impressed with the knowledge he maintained despite not being on the development team but maintaining the overview.

I then met Dalu B Raj, who leads the development team in India. Dalu and I spoke on a weekly basis via Skype. We set weekly goals that were consistently met. Dalu leads his team, making his instructions clear. I received detailed minutes of our meetings which gave me the confidence that the team understood my expectations.

The initial project utilized an existing iscripts e-swap package however whilst the principles were similar my end result required a lot more and iSwapOnline.com is a slick professional website that has exceeded my expectations and needs.

I ask myself three questions.

  1. Have I achieved everything I set out to with iscripts?  Yes
  2. Would I use iscripts again? Yes
  3. Would I recommend iscripts? Yes”

Thank you, Stefan, for the wonderful feedback!

online barter service

You might’ve found several websites where you list and sell your products. But its an additional investment of time and money if you have to market your product out of the website where it was submitted to sell. e-swapmeet comes with the idea of automatic advertising of your products on many social networks. More than just a website, e-swapmeet is a community.

iScripts virtual swap-meet software is a platform that provides an online swapping service, where members can access details about other member’s unwanted items, and list items on the site themselves they no longer need, then request wanted goods.

It’s an easy method of the members of e-swapmeet to get rid of their unwanted items and enable them to find goods they need amongst each other at no cost. You can find the challenges and solutions for online barter system if you are into it.


online barter service

Bookwishswap is an online swapping service, where members can access details about other member’s unwanted books, and list books on the site themselves they no longer need, then make a request for wanted goods. Bookwishswap helps our members get rid of their unwanted items and enables them to find the goods they need amongst each other at no cost. At iScripts this is what exactly we also mean.

iScripts eSwap is an online bartering software that helps you to create a website where users can easily buy, sell and swap items. The software includes all features and functionality for you to create a website similar to Swap or U-Exchange.

Bookwishswap met its business requirements for their website at less effort and cost; it’s no wonder but our business turnkey scripts capacity to contain entrepreneur’s requirements to start an online business.


online bartering service

Scope: One of our clients purposed his idea for an online swapping service for end-users to exchange unwanted or unused items. The main objective of the client was a safer trade between strangers, which iScripts team delivered efficiently.

Service Offerings: The website was developed by our competent engineers for all age groups.  The website has a multilingual feature and developed using open source applications like PHP and MYSQL server on the latest AWS software which has an added advantage to manage huge traffic effectively.

iScripts was successful in developing a robust swapping portal which was highly acceptable to client needs.  The client requirement was also to have an option for currency exchange for the pricing of the products, which the iScripts team also handled as expected.

The website also assures a safe mode of payments and an optional point system. The added feature is the WISH tab so that the fellow end users may fill upon request.  We also have an option of a third party to handle the smooth exchange of goods per customer request through the act of contacting the administrator.

Customer Satisfaction: The client was thrilled while looking at the work provided by the Scripts team. The site worked flawlessly without costing much or draining his finances. He was also impressed with the response time throughout the project and thankful to the iScripts team for making his dream a reality.

End-User Rating:   

  • Your swapping portal has saved me time and is user-friendly.
  • “I am really happy with the way the site turned out to be very helpful could get over my unused items and in return received money and the products of my use”.
  • Very helpful website and third party help were great.

There are popular barter exchange networks that successfully runs. You can take a look at them and decide what additional features do you need in your barter platform.

Product Focus: iScripts eSwap (Features)

  • Buy, Sell and Swap Functionality – choose how to conduct transactions on your site
  • Admin Panel – Gather insight pertaining to behavior and activities while having the ability to assist users at critical points in time.
  • Advanced Tools for Counter-Offers – Allow users to seamlessly conduct bids and transactions as if they were in person
  • Multi-Language Capability – Give all users the ability to converse and use your site, no matter their country or language
  • Unlimited Users, Products & Categories – we do not limit your usage or your users!
  • Optional Escrow Method – Choose how to operate your site as you see fit for your business
  • Virtual Currency Points – Want to create a special currency just for users on your site? Now you can!
  • Payment Gateways – We work with the most popular and trusted gateways to ensure payments are secure and timely for you
  • Variety of Shipping Methods – Don’t limit options for your users. You have the ability to link your site to well-known delivery services and companies.
  • Personalize your site and make it your own! Choose the colors, layout, and images to make your site stand out and be unique to your target audience.
  • Your Choice of Site Themes – Don’t have access to a designer? For those with a frugal budget, or those just starting out, you can easily match your site to a theme for a cohesive look and feel.
  • User Wish List – The only way sellers can offer what users want, is if they know! Make sure all potential customers know what is available to them, and all sellers are aware of items in demand.
  • Email Newsletter Capability – Easily create your own emails to your user base and send them through the system. No need for an additional platform to manage email, you have the functionality included.
  • Ability to Generate Detailed Reports – Want to know all you can about your business? Now you can! Choose from various reports to run and analyze to determine the best steps for your business and users.
online barter service

Watch the LIVE DEMO and try it by yourself. If you have any questions about web software and mobile apps call us at (312)423-6728. We are happy to explain how does our software works including any additional needs of you.

We also offer custom development of web and mobile apps at a reasonable rate. Feel free to inquire about our capabilities and portfolio of past, satisfied clients!

Check out iScripts eSwap demo

iScripts eSwap Live Demo

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