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iScripts Customer Spotlight: Delivervi food delivery app

by Milan Mathew

Deliver VI is British Virgin Island’s first online food court and meal delivery system. Deliver VI provides an interactive and user-friendly interface that provides users with a quick, easy and real-time reference for their next order.

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iScripts Online Restaurant Delivery Software- iScripts NetMenus forms the main platform for DeliverVI to provide customers with the accessibility of information and the convenience to place an order without calling a busy restaurant or leaving their desk.

iScripts development team also worked on some of the custom requirements from the client like the functionality for a delivery driver to know when orders are available for pick up and the delivery address, option to enter a separate address for Billing Address and the Delivery address while making an order, set delivery fee to have a base amount plus a percentage, restaurant opening/closing hours turning off and on at the appropriate times, facility for drivers where  admin can send the order to the driver then the driver can indicate when the order has been delivered.

 Get an idea of how to use the system and see the full list of features in action by using the free trial of our online demo. Have additional questions? Contact our team at (312) 423-672. We’d be happy to explain how our software works, including any additional business, needs you may have. 

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