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iScripts Cloud: Complete Hosted Solutions

by Milan Mathew


Are you looking for an innovative, hassle-free, hosted solution that enables entrepreneurs and business owners to set up and build online business quickly using most enabling practices around? iScripts Cloud is the perfect solution for you!
At iScripts Cloud, we are committed to develop quality software for emerging businesses and entrepreneurs.

Regardless of the business model, let it be an eCommerce platform, social network or bartering website,  iScripts Cloud assures user-friendly solutions that incorporate a proven and viable business model. Our software solutions are designed to give you the best options on the market. Take the guesswork out of your business and focus on growing traffic and a user base instead.

Included in every iScripts Cloud purchase is a hosting account and full product support. This eliminates any uneasiness you may have about managing a website. We’ve included all the basics in our Cloud packages so our customers can put their 100% into online business success, and less time fine-tuning the details. While hosting and domains are very important parts of a website, your sole focus can now be devoted to growing your business.

Key Aspects of All iScripts Products:

  • Revenue Generating – We’ve included multiple ways to generate revenue and built it right into the software itself. Create one, or multiple revenue streams depending upon your idea and business model.
  • Low Initial Cost – At iScripts, we believe in offering enabling solutions that allow your idea to grow and prosper. Our packages are competitively priced so less of our customers will be limited by funds. While you can tweak and modify sites as you wish, it costs less than a week’s worth of groceries to get started using the basic templates and available options.
  • Hassle Free – Don’t agonize over hosting and website details. Leave those issues to us – included in your purchase.
  • Full Support – Contact us at any time by sending us any and all possible issues you encounter. We have teams working around the clock to check up on your website.
  • Custom Programming – Want to take your site even further? We have designers and programmers on-call, ready to customize your site. Tell us your thoughts and any budget restraints, and we will develop a few solutions for you.


With iScripts Cloud, you can:

Use the Tools You Need to Succeed
Create sites similar to Etsy, U-Exchange, Craigslist, Facebook, Ebay and Amazon Marketplace.  The same features and business models that make these sites successful are built right into the framework of iScripts products.

Create Your Site with a Single Click
With iScripts products, there is no software to download or hosting accounts to maintain.
Normally, software products like these would be installed on a server, requiring you to have a domain and hosting account already set up.  With iScripts, your hosting account and domain are automatically set up from the moment you sign up for a free trial or subscribe to a plan. Because iScripts only requires you to submit your name and email to create your own online business, the process is surprisingly fast. After your free trial, you may easily move your website to an affordable plan and cancel whenever you see fit.

Focus on What Matters
We provide the 100% up time, infrastructure and environment your site needs to thrive so that you can concentrate on building the business you want. We handle the technicalities of your site while you work on gaining customers and spreading the word. No hassles; no pesky issues.

Experience Unlimited Possibilities
From the moment you create your online store, you have the freedom to grow. iScripts does not profit from the growth of your business by charging any extra or hidden fees for bandwidth usage, gaining users, adding sellers, products or conducting transactions. We don’t believe in limiting the scalability of your venture.  We want you to succeed!

Be Supported
Our hosting environment and scripts are routinely tested for vulnerabilities and weaknesses to satisfy credit card and personal data Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance requirements. Our support team members are here when you need them! Techs are available through a 24/7 help desk and live chat.  Find peace of mind in knowing that your site is secure and you have the required backup when you need it.

Have a Programming Team of Your Own
Want more awesome features? Need your own design instead of a general template? Let us know if you require any additional site design or functionality changes. We also offer affordable SEO and marketing packages. A wide range of additional services and packages were created to ensure you have the available resources to make any changes you want to your store, now or in the future.

For more information or questions related to how you can take advantage of the platform, contact us at (312) 423-6728 or email to sales@iscriptscloud.com

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