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iScripts.com Releases Version 2.2 of iScripts AutoHoster Web Hosting Software

by Kathy Hill

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iScripts.com releases iScripts AutoHoster 2.2, web hosting software for the web hosting industry. This software allows independently owned and operated hosting companies to take their company and brand to the next level with an easy, online setup interface.

Priced at $199 for an unlimited license, iScripts AutoHoster Version 2.2 is distributed in standard iScripts.com fashion with 100% transparent, open-source code that enables users to customize and adapt the software as needed. This web hosting software has been in full use with many successful applications for more than a year.

Key features of iScripts AutoHoster Version 2.2 include:

  • Increased flexibility when managing available server space
  • Automatic WHM interaction through specified plans
  • Hosting plans can be easily delegated by preferred server
  • New graphical interface for the addition or editing of available plans
  • …and much more.

For the complete list of features, visit iScripts.com/AutoHoster/features.

“With regards to the extremely competitive market of the hosting industry, it is extremely important for smaller players in the industry to be equally efficient and employ as client-friendly management tools as the larger.  We have created this web hosting software with input from a number of different types of businesses in the industry. With this knowledge and feedback in hand, it enabled us to create software flexible enough to meet the needs of your business the way you want run it.” said Aji Abraham, founder and CEO of iScripts.com.

iScripts AutoHoster Version 2.2 works equally well with a single server or multiple servers with a variety of configurations. This flexibility makes it a great application for independent hosting companies and hosting resellers, alike. Essentially, any company with control of a complete server or various scattered server space can benefit from this complete software solution.

In addition to iScripts AutoHoster, iScripts.com offers a variety of other open source web applications. Its products include iScripts eSwap (barter network creation software), iScripts SocialWare (social network creating software), iScripts EasyCreate (website creation platform), iScripts MultiCart (Multiple-vendor Shopping cart), and iScripts GoStores (ecommerce site creation platform). Details of these web application products are available at https://www.iscripts.com complete with full, live demos.

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