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Invest a Little; Earn Money Online – Live Examples

by Sheri Levitt

Would you say “No” to earning more by investing next to nothing? Whether it is e-commerce, social, dating, or hosting – starting your own online business is a straightforward process for generating more money. Using a trouble-free method along with readymade software is the quickest and most affordable way to get started. Some packages are even offered free of cost! Check out some of the business that has used our solutions.
XtiMo website screenshot


The owner of this site took advantage of our multilingual e-commerce script, iScripts MultiCart to create an online wholesale store. This customized version runs in Hebrew and allows customers to buy a wide variety of products. Visitors can search for merchandise ranging from trendy, tech products to craft supplies.

iScripts MultiCart provides site administrators with the professional image, quality and flexibility required for developing an online business geared towards multidisciplinary trading.

In this field, site owners must ensure their online selling platform provides speedy and professional checkout services while also protecting the privacy of customers. iScripts MultiCart was designed to provide a high level of functionality and flexibility fit for superior shopping cart sites.


ThePetMatchMaker website screenshot


Using a searchable online database, visitors to the site browse adoptable pets looking for the right match. The goal is to match pets to permanent homes where they will be treated as a family for the rest of their lives.

iScripts CyberMatch is an online matchmaking portal typically used for human interaction and the creation of dating websites. As you can see, the site is also flexible enough to use for a wide range of concepts related to matching profiles, but outside the realm of dating.

Being highly customizable, the site also allows for international matching among a general audience, or a niche group you define yourself.

HaggleShed website screenshot


Initially created for friends and close family, HaggleShed has chosen to expand their reach using our popular virtual swap meet software.

Born out of the “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” concept, the site allows users to buy, swap and sell any items they no longer used for.

iScripts eSwap is a powerful multilingual barter exchange network script equipped with built-in comprehensive features.  This bartering system allows you to create your own swap meet website where users can easily buy, sell and swap items.

The script can be easily customized by our on-site developers for a very reasonable cost.


tricities website screenshot


Usually, iScripts EasyIndex is used for classifieds or business listing websites. This customer chose to use our script to develop and operate a website with a slightly different purpose: advertising major press releases and toll-free numbers while still supporting featured advertisements.

iScripts EasyIndex allows you to create your own business directory or classifieds website. The script is equipped with enough features to apply towards a variety of business models, and can also be easily customized if required.

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