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iCarus Framework and it’s Applications

by Milan Mathew

In agile development, a framework is the one that makes fast progress possible. If you planning to start a project in PHP or any language you have to choose any of the modern frameworks. Have you ever been curious about the need for framework in PHP development? Let’s give a short explanation.

A PHP framework makes your project well-organized, reusable and maintainable code. They make it easier to grow your application over the time and scale. Most modern PHP frameworks follow the MVC (Model-View-Controller) pattern that ensures the separation of presentation and logic and promote modern web development practices. PHP frameworks help to promote rapid application development (RAD), which saves you time, helps build more stable applications, and reduces the amount of repetitive coding for developers.

What to Look for in a PHP Framework?

The base of a code has two parts.

  1. Framework
  2. Application code

There are fundamental differences between the roles of application code and framework library modules within an application. Framework libraries provide reusable services that encapsulate lower-level functionality in an abstraction that offers functionality with an easy to use API for higher level code within a variety of different applications.

Libraries generally stay static within the development of an application (besides the occasional upgrade). On the other hand, application code utilizes the functionality provided by library modules to create a specific behavior for the logical interaction between users and a domain of data in a generally tighter-defined environment. Application code is completely dynamic within the application development process, it is constantly changing as the application evolves and develops.

A wide range of options are available when choosing a framework also there are chances to create your own custom. Only thing keeps in mind, who will be using or modifying your applications from top to bottom. If there are many people who will be using the application, it may be the best use a popular PHP framework.

On the other hand, if you wish to build web applications for your own personal use, you are better off choosing any PHP framework that you’re comfortable with – whether it’s popular among the developer community or not. Within the past few years, as PHP has evolved as the scripting language of choice by most developers, there has been an explosion of PHP frameworks to hit the scene. There is a great debate about what the best PHP frameworks are because the simple fact is that not every framework is built for everyone. Here’s a quick rundown iScripts development framework.

ICARUS is configurable and reusable SAAS framewors from iScripts.
iScripts is a thin, lightweight MVC framework intended to support and streamline application development. The framework takes care of the basic low-level functionality requirements, which is common to any application so that the developer can concentrate on implementing high-level functionalities and logic.

ICARUS is the custom developed framework by iScripts to develop our products as well as successfully completed many projects. Icarus is a thin, lightweight MVC framework intended to support and streamline application development. It mainly encompasses in saas development by giving extensive support. Icarus takes care of the basic low-level functionality requirements, which is common to any application so that the developer can concentrate on implementing high-level functionalities and logic.

The entire code base of an application is divided into two parts; the framework and application code. The entire code of the application will be in the project directory.

The entire project setup includes checking out of the initial code base from two sources (one for the framework and one for a project). The developer can commit his changes only to the project directory. Any access to the files/settings owned by the framework is through the finite set of variables (eg: addition of meta tags to a page).

Main Features:

  • CMS module for content and users
  • Configurable billing and subscription
  • Role based user permissions
  • CRUD based API for mobile/social apps
  • Lightweight MVC
  • Focus on your application not user management

Creating own SaaS platform requires you to develop the user software. In addition, you need to create a framework around it for managing users and billing. We made a lightweight framework optimized for SaaS applications. It also creates an API for mobile and social apps using a CRUD.
Icarus supports all features like user management, content management, database management etc. Also, supports bootstrap and provides layouts that are known to be highly responsive.

The iScripts framework provides a number of features like PageContext, PostAction, Debugger, Logger, Db layer, Url router, etc. The framework uses Smarty template engine. The framework helps to use SEO friendly url. It has options to set layout and disable layout.

The layouts of the projects is a tpl file should be at the location view/layout of the corresponding module in the project directory. The tpl files for a controller should be in the view/script directory inside the folder with same name as controller file name.

The framework provides options to implement multiple languages. The language files should be in the resource folder in the project directory. The default language is English. The framework has bootstrap, fusion charts, fckeditors, Php mailer, etc embedded in it.

Detailed Features:

  • PageContext
  • PostActions
  • Url Router
  • File Handler
  • Db Layer
  • Control Panel
  • Logger
  • Debugger
  • Session Layer
  • Javascript Vars
  • Meta Tag Detection
  • Cache Management

Using ICARUS you can develop entities and configure with this advanced PHP framework. At iScripts, we have developed business model scripts in ICARUS framework. We’ve completed and run successfully our various client projects also in this framework.

Let’s look few of them where ICARUS became the backbone:

Kaffe 1668:

Kaffe 1668 South is an independently owned coffee company in New York City, and they are providing an option for the customers to get the coffee and the related products online through this platform. Buyers can select different sourced, roasted, and brewed coffees and get their order placed. Consumers have both the options to get it delivered directly to their address and also they could directly come and take out. For take out, they could set the time of pick up with their convenience.

Through the menu, the consumer could surf into all the available menu items with the price split, and they could complete the purchase with their credit/debit card.

Kaffe 1668 freshly made everything in the house in a daily manner and regularly update the menu of pastries, sandwiches, salads, juices, and raw bars. Entire backend and admin platform of Kaffe 1668 is ICARUS framework.

Kaffe 1668 is a gourmet restaurant chain with 4 locations in New York, NY and is established in 2012. They serve breakfast, lunch, coffee and drinks. The main services of Kaffe 1668 are takeouts and catering.

Deliver VI:

Deliver VI is a food delivery startup in the British Virgin Islands, bringing together food and technology that BVI residents love. Deliver VI allows customers to view the menus of their favorite restaurants near them and place food orders. Deliver VI is the BVI’s first online food court and meal delivery system.

The British Virgin Islands first online food court and meal delivery system. The website allows customers to view the menus of their favorite restaurants and place food orders directly through the customized website. The site provides customers with the accessibility of information and the convenience to place an order without calling a busy restaurant.
Deliver VI is a customized version of iScripts online restaurant script- iScripts NetMenus which is developed on ICARUS framework.

Exit Interview:

Exit Interview contacted Armia systems to design and develop a mobile app that helps business owners to build and maintain communication with the customers. Entire backend and admin platform of Exit Interview is the ICARUS framework.

This pocket-friendly app permits business owners to gain recognition through reviews, thus strengthening customer relations. Good and bad reviews are appreciated because feedback helps shed light on areas that are functioning properly as well as areas for improvement. This app has an objective, subjective, and inquiring questions which help the owners to stay connected the customers. The owners can promote the business by fetching reports and providing likewise offers to their customers. This app builds a strong retail presence with the help of real-time data to ensure the staff is on track and following instructions. The app is very simple and user-friendly.

Which type of projects can be developed in ICARUS framework?

Our programmers can implement cost and time efficient web software development projects using ICARUS framework including: Creating web applications from scratch, maintaining and modifying current websites, creating custom designed websites, modifying existing proprietary applications, customizing open source applications, database-driven websites, intranet productivity applications, social networking sites, eCommerce, billing systems, custom applications, shopping carts, Content Management Systems (CMS), mobile apps and much more. If you are a PHP developer you can download the ICARUS framework from Armia Systems page.

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