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How to increase Sales and Conversion of an E-Commerce Store?

by Mariya Parackal
sales and conversion of ecommerce site

An eCommerce marketer or an entrepreneur will always look for the tips to drive customers to their website or app. It is predicted that the eCommerce industry will expand by additional $1.4 trillion by 2025, according to research by Euromonitor International. This is a promising number for any eCommerce owners but in order to properly exploit this growth, you need to drive more traffic and increase sales and conversions.

Each and every online store needs improved traffic and conversions. In reality, you cannot wait for conversions instead you have to optimize them. Other than driving more traffic, It is all about getting more sales from driven traffic. 

If you are having trouble to get more customers and increase sales, I can give you some tactics to improve your site or store. 

Here are the top 9 ways to increase the sales and conversion of your eCommerce website. Try to implement one of these tips and figure out which tips worked best to drive more sales.

Tips to increase sales and conversion of eCommerce website

  1. Target your existing customers
  2. Offer more discounts
  3. Implement upsells, cross-sells, and down-sells
  4. Accept different payment options
  5. Allow for guest checkout
  6. Make it easy for your customers to get what they want 
  7. Engage online store visitors with live chat
  8. Use Ecommerce Conversion Rate Optimization Tools
  9. Mobile eCommerce apps to increase customer loyalty

1. Target your existing customers

When the business shows some trouble in its growing, don’t jump to a conclusion that it’s because of the lack of customers. 

To overcome this misconception, you have to improve your customer retention instead of focusing your efforts on customer acquisition.

It is true that getting more customers for your business is a great marketing strategy but at the same time quite expensive. Its always better to go after your existing customers which is a cost-efficient method than acquiring new ones. Because they already know about your brand and familiar with how to use your products. And that’s why brands invest in loyalty and reward programs. 

Increase Sales and Conversion of an E-Commerce Store

So, try to come up with customer loyalty programs and this is the best way to reward loyal customers. Most of the customers will fall into paid programs, points, social media, offers and discounts. 

For now, it has already proved that the most effective way to drive customer retention and lifetime value is through an innovative approach to loyalty and customer reward programs that also can create huge value for retailers. 

2. Offer more discounts

Not every company providing discounts to its customers. When a customer browses your website they love to see any coupon codes or promo codes. So don’t miss some sales by saving discounts mostly like holidays.

The two essential ways to encourage your customers for additional purchases are: 

  • Discounts
  • Free shipping
Increase Sales and Conversion of an E-Commerce Store

You simply discount a percentage of the total purchase of your customers or provide free shipping once they pay a certain amount in the initial transaction.

The use of discount codes have benefits like:

  • It will boost customer happiness 
  • It will increase shopper loyalty
  • It supports customer acquisition
  • It promotes newly-launched products
  • Offload excess inventory

3. Implement upsells, cross-sells

The best way to increase your AOV and to bring your doubtful customers to the conversion point both can be done by upselling and cross-selling. AOV (Average Order Value) is an eCommerce metric that measures the average total of orders placed with a merchant over a specified time.

Sometimes the customer may don’t know about the availability of the premium product or they may need more evidence on which product is fit for their needs. For such businesses upselling is more effective than acquiring new customers.

While using upselling to increase sales consider the below points:

  1. Make sure your upsells relates the actual product
  2. Be responsive to the expected rates of your customers

Sometimes customers spend more money to buy expensive products and sometimes they will check for less expensive models. While providing product suggestions it will be easy for the customer to choose or it can also be at the wrong place which will make the customer leave without making any purchase.  

If the customer already has an anchor price in mind and when he sees your product it should fit his needs, they won’t be interested to see a higher price for that product.

4. Accept different payment options

Give different payment gateway options on your website, it will help your customers to buy products and services and make transactions easier. If your website only accepts Visa or MasterCard it will affect you and your potential customers. 

Some business accepts different types of credit cards and also debit cards on their website and others give the option of paying through PayPal. 

The last thing you want is a customer who wants to make a purchase but can’t complete it because you don’t take their primary payment method. Adapt the new trends of payment options and make the checkout process simple, it will help you to get more eCommerce sales.

5. Allow for guest checkout

Don’t think that each user who visits your site or purchase from your site want to continue doing more purchase in the future, It won’t happen. Some might want to make a single purchase or purchasing for their friends, and no interest in your products. So they don’t want to receive your newsletter. Whatever be the purpose of the visit, allow those who wish to check out as a guest to do so.

6. Make it easy for your customers to get what they want 

You will lose customers if your store is not designed properly. If your store lacks a clear value proposition, hard to read texts and misleading navigation will result in an untrusty store. Try to improve the dimensions and make your store trustworthy. 

Consider the following points and build your store perfectly. 

  • Don’t put many products on a single page
  • Segment your products properly
  • Check the text and visuals placed correctly

If your theme is not converting customers, try another theme available on iScripts GoStores.

7. Engage online store visitors with live chat

Live chat on your site will engage more shoppers. This will give a high impact to engage with visitors and customers. Live chat enables you to have direct conversations with your customers so you can answer customer concerns while they’re planning to buy.

When the customer spends a particular time period on the website, live chat tools will pop up and target browsers on certain pages. 

8. Use Ecommerce Conversion Rate Optimization Tools

The Internet offers a lot of amazing tools to analyze your current conversion rates. You can use the following tools to optimize your site.

  • Google Analytics: It shows the complete analytics of your site.
  • HotJar: To understand how your users interact with your website using a heat-mapping tool.
  • CrazyEgg: It offers you a visual glimpse of how your users are navigating your site.
  • Mixpanel: A product analytics tool for financial services, SaaS, media, and entertainment.
  • Clicky: An eCommerce site for real-time web analytics 
  • Typeform: For creating beautiful survey forms to customers
  • Optimizely: An A/B testing tool
  • Hello Bar: To create lead capture bars or popups
  • LeadChat: 24/7 live chat team
  • GtMetrix: A speed reporting tool

These are some from the many options you can use and find which tool fit for your business. 

9. Mobile eCommerce apps will increase customer loyalty

When a user download your mobile app, it shows he is investing much in your brand. While site visitors access your store to simply check the product details, those who installed the app will come to buy the product. Mostly, customers spend more hours on apps than on sites. Mobile eCommerce apps will increase customer loyalty. You can increase customer loyalty by:

  • Personalization
  • Push Notifications
  • Exclusive Contents
  • Reward System
  • Advanced Support

Benefits of having a mobile app for your store:

  • Customers spend 4x times more on mobile apps than on websites. 
  • Cart abandonment rate is low in mobile apps
  • Customers of the app will spend more money than desktop users.
  • Push notifications will encourage more app opens

In iScripts Multicart, they are providing an Android app and an ios app. Both consist of a seller app and marketplace app. The seller app is for sellers to add items, manage inventory, and manage new orders. The marketplace app is for users to search for products, place new orders, make payments, and manage orders.


If your sales are getting slow down, it’s time for you to come up with new ways to market products and services on your eCommerce site. Now you have a list of tactics that help you to generate more conversions and increase online sales.

If you are going to sell online, the main keys that you have to look after are, how you can improve your site and user experience and understanding CRO trends.

No matter which tactics you use above, always be sure to test so you can serve for your intended audience. Thus, make sure that your conversion rates are actually changing for the better.

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