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How to Build an App like Bolt?

by Mariya Parackal
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Bolt (formerly Taxify) is a driver app for requesting a fast and affordable ride. The customer requests for a trip with the pickup location, and when the driver accepts the request customer could see the driver details. After the ride, there is an option for both driver and rider to rate each other. 

The name Bolt is using for both services of taxi service and electric scooter rental service. It is active in around 30 countries and more than 100 cities across the world, with over 20 million users and 500,000 drivers. 

Why People Use Bolt?

Bolt is an Uber-like on-demand application that is available in Android and iPhone devices, which enables people to hail rides from their smartphones. Many of the users have made a switch from Uber to Bolt because Bolt is cheaper than Uber. The users can pay using a credit card or cash once the app is download.

Markus Villig, CEO of Bolt, says that Bolt entered the taxi booking app to solve the problems of higher prices and poor service. 

How to request a ride in the Bolt app?

The steps to request the Bolt app are:

  1. Open the app and set your destination
  2. Sent a request to driver for pickup
  3. See your driver’s arrival in real-time 
  4. Enjoy your ride
  5. Pay in-app or in cash

Features of Bolt Driver App

Some of the best features of this driver app are:

  • Know how much you have to pay and see the ride price
  • The app helps you to set your pickup location even if you don’t know the right address.  
  • The rider can rate the driver to improve the quality of service. 
  • Keep your credit card with you and stop worrying about carrying cash. 

How do Bolt drivers make money?

The drivers who use the Bolt app have earned up to R8,000 per week. And for every trip, Bolt takes 15% as a fee. Bolt aims to give drivers the most sustainable income, and they believe in having narrow margins.

Bolt doesn’t pay for petrol, and so the other expenses cannot mention the net income of the diver. Bolt has implemented automatic dynamic pricing between the drivers on-road and riders requesting rides. Here is the basic fare of Bolt.

Base Fare: $2.50

Booking Fee: $1.65 (+ $0.1/km)

Per-minute: $0.40

Per kilometer: $1.45

Minimum Fare: $9.00

Cancellation Fee: None

Fare Estimate: $14-$18 ($10-$14 on discount)

In some countries, riders pay a $2 base fare, $1.15/km and $0.35/min with a 55 percent booking fee. 

Bolt only takes 15 – 20 percent commission from drivers compared to Uber and other ride-hailing platforms. The lower commission will allow Bolt to offer lower prices for riders and more money for drivers.

Bolt Clone App

iScripts UberforX is the clone app for Bolt and other on-demand taxi services. The On-Demand Services can define as the economic activity created by technologically advanced companies that fulfill consumer demand via the immediate provisioning of goods and services. 

By using the UberforX platform, you can also save costs on development. UberforX is a readymade clone script and premium eCommerce solution created to serve the needs of various on-demand services.

The platform we’ve created helps users to book services provided by vendors. These vendors can list their services to offer to your market.

How to build an app like Bolt?

bolt clone app

Are you inspired to create a ride-sharing app development for your ride-sharing startup? 

If you have an app idea on taxi app development, Uber clone app, ride-sharing app development, or any mobile app idea, you can contact us.

We have an efficient team for taxi booking app development and have experience in building taxi booking apps and solutions for many startups. 


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I want to create an app for delivery services of food and unisex hair styling

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I am interest in the building of clone app like uber or bolt

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Hello I would like to make a clone app for south African users only just like bolt

Richard Nnadi May 24, 2021 - 1:32 am

I am Richard CEO of Swiftbiz, we need a taxi and e-commerce app combined but our service restricted to only our partners to solve the problem of safety and profit sharing. We aspire to share our profit with our partners, fueling and maintenance commissions for drivers. And many more solutions in the taxi app business.


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