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How to Build a Fitness Discovery Platform like Gympass?

by Mariya Parackal

Are you in the process of building a fitness discovery platform for your startup? If so, it is important to consider the working model and benefits of competing platforms like Gympass, which has gained popularity in the tech-enabled fitness services market. By researching and learning about successful fitness discovery platforms, you can ensure that your portal is well-equipped to meet the needs of your users.

Let’s have a look at the Gympass model and how does it work in the online fitness sector.

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What is Gympass? – A Fitness Discovery Platform

Fitness Discovery Platform is not a gym but it curates existing facilities.

Gympass is a fitness discovery platform that works in collaboration with a variety of sports, fitness, and wellness facilities, including gyms, yoga studios, martial arts studios, and more. Rather than operating its own facilities, Gympass serves as a network that connects users with the fitness options available in their area. By offering a range of options,

Gympass helps users discover new ways to stay active and healthy. It plays the role of a corporate fitness benefit provider or wellness consultant. The platform empowers companies to engage with the physical activity by providing access to the global workout facilities. 

Gympass network includes over 52100 gyms and boutique studios as well as 995 sports, classes and physical activities spanning across 8480 cities in 14 different countries with over 800 different activities.

How does Gympass Work?

Gympass helps employers improve employee well-being and productivity by providing access to unlimited gym, studio, and app options. It also offers employees a variety of fitness options through a single subscription. Whether you are an employer looking to offer fitness benefits or an employee looking to take advantage of them, Gympass has something to offer.

Gympass For Employers

Gympass helps corporate partners to increase their activity and helps to enroll employees. And also educates the corporate partners about Gympass services and fitness options. While employees join for various services of Gympass. Hence the Gympass helps corporate partners increase activity and enrollment among their employees by offering a range of fitness options and services. The company also educates partners about the benefits of these services and how they can improve employee well-being. As a result, companies experience a more energetic and physically sound workplace, leading to reduced absenteeism and improved productivity. Employees also benefit from the variety of services offered by Gympass, making it a win-win for both parties.

Gympass for employees

Gympass corporate partners can easily locate and schedule fitness and wellness activities for their employees at convenient locations. With a global pass, Gympass users have access to facilities in any city where the company operates. Additionally, Gympass offers flexibility with unlimited access to classes, activities, and sessions without any penalties or cancellation fees. This makes it easy for employees to stay active and healthy, no matter where they are located.

How Gympass fitness partners get benefitted?

Gympass generates revenue by signing up new corporate members, both those who have previously used their services and those who have not. According to their reports, 70% of Gympass users were not previously enrolled in a gym before signing up for a corporate benefit agreement. This benefits their fitness partners as well by bringing in new paying members and more commission.

Gympass – The Back Story

Cesar Carvalho founded Gympass in 2012 along with Vinicius Ferriani and Joao Barbosa. 

For the expansion of the company, he moved to the U.S. By that time Gympass was already present in 14 countries. Months later, SoftBank raised the market value of the startup by funding $300 million. 

Today Gympass has about 2000 corporate customers with benefits to their staff to sell access to fitness partners and to end daily pass consumers. 

How to create a fitness service platform like Gympass?

If you are new to the business field and have limited knowledge of programming languages and development tools, you may want to consider using our open-source script. Our product, UberforX, is a customizable script that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the customer. It is a useful tool for those looking to enter the business world and may not have extensive technical expertise. By using UberforX, you can get your business up and running quickly and easily.

iScripts UberforX is versatile and allows you to create platforms in a variety of industries, including food, healthcare, fitness, transportation, and more. With this clone script, you have the ability to build services similar to Gympass and offer a wide range of options to your users including web and mobile interface. Whether you are looking to enter a new industry or expand your current fitness business, iScripts UberforX can help you create a successful on-demand service platform. This clone script is user-friendly and customizable, making it easy to adapt to your specific business needs.

Now that you have a better understanding of how Gympass works for users, you may be ready to build a similar website. If you have an idea for a fitness portal and would like to bring it to fruition, we can help. Our team can work with you to develop a service that meets your specific requirements and needs. We are committed to helping you create a successful and user-friendly website that meets the needs of your target audience. Let us know more about your idea and we will do our best to bring it to life.

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