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How does an online printing design studio work?

by Milan Mathew

In our fast-growing world, there is an opportunity for success for businesses utilizing online design. Sales of printed or custom printed T-shirts, Toys, Mugs, Bags, Hoodies and more can easily grow by becoming an online printing business.

With the help of quality tools and platforms, online printing has become simple and affordable. By using an online printing website, these tools are professionally developed to accommodate many user accounts and supply rich options concerning various printing features. This account will help users maintain and design work at any time.

As a user, you can create and store your designs and determine a date in the future to send to print. You are also given permission to customize the designs as you wish. The printing option is available in any format which would be compatible with your needs. If you are a trader who is in need of a catalog, it is possible to upload the pictures of your products and prices. This can be accomplished by digital printers, which also have the ability to work on several pages in a very short time.

The process behind web-to-print or online design studios is simple: Choose, Design, and Buy.

In this step, we can choose a product to print. We should be able to upload the product details easily. Site owners display products based on a selection of categories allowing users to search for their desired products quicker and easier.

Just like any other online storefront, the website will have a place where all the products display together based on categories. Users may provide their own specific desires and input by selecting the number of orders, along with various attributes like size and color while choosing a product. Selecting the product should lead the user to the next step, which is the most critical portion or software module on the website: the designer tool.

This is the most vital area of any online printing studio. Product selection is a major factor of business, but designing is a factor of the script. The integrated designer tool should be simple enough to understand and use for the purpose of design, even if the user does not have a design background. Highly responsive text and image editing options with a number of options will increase the usability of the editor.

Text edit may include various popular fonts,  a font size selector, text colors, front and back design options, text rotation in a 360-degree angle, and additional text effects.

Image editors should allow users to upload images from a PC. At the same time, there must be a gallery to allow the user to pick images from it. The same goes for text: image editors should also have various controls to resize the image, a cropping tool, a send to back/ front option, textures and more. Design tools may allow users to zoom in or out in order to view products and custom designs. A “Help” section exclusively for editors of the website will also add more value to the studio section.


As a customer, we should be able to proceed to the buying phase with any combination of size, color, and quantity for maximum customization. Integration of payment gateways and a shipping module are the most important modules to bring fast conversions and sales to any website.

Once an order is submitted, the administrator panel will display the order in detail with customer name, contact details along with product designed. According to the order quantity and attribute mentioned, website owners direct the order to the printing station. Designed products are ready for shipping after the printing process.  The site admin should have the management in admin panel of the website to update each stage of customer order and each stage must be notified to the customer as well.

Once your work is ready, you can come up with simple instructions on how to send it to the printers. But before you mail all the work to the copiers, you want to pay some printing amount through their online payments gateways. Even though many online studios owners have connected to modern day technology, those who need work printed should expect high quality.

Nowadays there is various software available in the marketplace. But to find the best has proven to be a difficult task. Online printing software is in demand. In the earlier days, no one ever expected that designing software would get such a boom on the market. But now the situation has changed a lot as people understood the demand and increase of market value for this software.

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