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How does Teespring work? Creating A Similar Site 

by Mariya Parackal
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Teespring is an eCommerce site for custom-made products. The platform permits users to make their own designs and allows them to print and sell them without any trouble.

The users are able to market their custom made products and the Teespring team will take care of the production and shipments. In this way, consumers get a diverse range of personalized products, and their business model is different from other eCommerce sites. 

The Teespring Story

The founders, Williams and Evan Stites-Clayton got the idea of Teespring from a small campaign they have started to save a local bar from its shutdown. After the Facebook campaign, they faced a lot of problems by printing “save the bar” printed t-shirts for their campaign due to the lack of substantial capital and risk to sell them all.

At that stage, they came to the conclusion of building a new website to get people to buy t-shirts so they could be sure about sales and risk-free printing. Within a day, the t-shirt went viral and the team got huge responses and pre-orders. 

Later, they developed their venture – Teespring, in which they got response beyond their expectations. From August 2011, they started working full-time on Teespring.

Teespring Business Model

Teespring rebranded as Spri.ng

The business model of Teespring works in a unique way compared to other t-shirt printing organizations. It works by having a set of goals and once the goal is achieved the t-shirts are printed and shipped to buyers. Mainly they use crowdsourcing for selling t-shirts. If the goal is not achieved, no t-shirts will be printed and no one will lose money, neither user or Teespring. 

When the user doesn’t meet their sales goal, the money they have paid for marketing their products will not be refunded. The company earns a flat margin on every single product that is sold by Teespring. The user, Customer, and Company win, once the t-shirts are printed. 

How does Teespring Make Money?

The business model of Teespring is the best example of growth hacking. Apart from the other business models, the factor that makes Teespring different is, the site sells the products designed and marketed by the users.

The company earns from the ad campaigns that are paid by users for the promotion of their t-shirts. Thus, the company gets traffic and grows eventually since the users are paying for ads.

The Vision Behind Teespring

The founders of Teespring had a reason behind starting with just t-shirts because they thought to be always good at one thing than to many, thus they proved their expertise in apparel. After proving their expertise, the company launched certain products for users to sell. The platform provides a chance to both professionals and amateurs equally. The company is growing to date with the latest launch of TeespringGo and new features. 

How does Teespring work for Sellers and designers? 

online t-shirt printing

Teespring is a free to use platform. One who creates an account on the website also can earn from the facilities provided by the Teespring. You can design your product using the given designing tools or can upload designs to Teesprings launcher.

After designing, the user will set a rate for their product. If someone has pre-ordered 5 T-shirts, then Teespring manages the manufacturing process and distribution and even handle the customer service. There is no more effort needed from the seller. Additionally, they show how much the user would gain when they strike their sales goal. 

Users can also create paid campaigns and all campaigns will last for 7 days. Other than t-shirts, Teespring also sells products like mugs, apparel, kids and babies products, phone cases, hoodies, etc. 

How does Teespring Make Money for Users?

The customers can utilize Teespring tools like promo codes, purchaser messaging. Free translations upon demand are given to customers who have sold 100 or even more products previously. Teespring is the most effective solution to earn without paying money for the setup, printers or designers. 

If the actual price of the product is $5 and the user wants to sell it for $20, then the user will get the full amount of profit i.e. $15 per piece get sold. Hence the user keeps the profit earned by sales.

Tips About Teespring

  • Users can use ads as a way to promote their designs using Facebook as the medium for Teespring products to a targeted audience. 
  • Track the ROI of any campaign that a user starts. It will help to know about the profit and loss and also check whether the design is profitable or not. 

If you really don’t want to get into the complex process of printing custom t-shirts and bearing the risk of selling all t-shirts. Teespring will do this for users within a few clicks. 

How does Teespring Work for Customers?

For the ease of customers, Teespring has a simple and attractive interface. 

  • Use the search bar on the home page if you are looking for a specific campaign. 
  • Customer support provides live chat assistance and support mail. 
  • Buyers can make edits in their orders before production. 
  • Customers can check the order status using the link given at the bottom of the homepage.

How to build an Online T-shirt website like Teespring using iScripts PrintLogic ?

Creating an online t-shirt website like Teespring using iScripts PrintLogic is a great way to start your own business or expand your existing printing shop. This software provides you with a turnkey solution for running an online print and design business, allowing you to offer custom design and printing options to your customers while streamlining the printing process.

To get started with iScripts PrintLogic, you first need to purchase the software and set up your website. This process is very straightforward and can be accomplished with just a few clicks. You can add your logo, site content, products, clipart, and optional templates directly into the system. If you have your own products, you may add them, as well as contact vendors you think will fit well with your printing business.

As the site administrator, you will have control over all design, print, and website operations. You can access the administrator panel to add and manage products and site settings to fit your business model. iScripts PrintLogic includes similar features and functionality available on Teespring, which offers an online service allowing users to create and order their own professional screen-printed t-shirt, cap, or other printable items.

Users have the option to select and adjust text, images, clipart, sizes, colors, fonts, rotation, and other special effects applied within the printable area of each product. Rather than create a design from scratch, users can also select from any premade templates you decide to offer. After visualizing product designs, users can share them across social networks or place orders using multiple payment gateways and shipping options integrated within the software.

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