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How does SPOD make revenue from the Print-on-demand business model?

by Mariya Parackal
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We live in a new age. These are times when technology rules supreme and dominates our day-to-day lives. The internet has revolutionized the way we lead our lives. It has also led to the boost of the eCommerce industry and brought in the mega brands of Amazon and many more. However, along with eCommerce, Print on Demand has come up in a big way as well. And how has this happened?  To begin, let us, first of all, explore what Print on Demand is.

What is Print on Demand?

Print-on-demand (POD) is a web-based business specializing in Customizable Products. Here the POD providers play an integral part in it all. Unit suppliers like SPOD do much of the job for you. `everything from stock, warehousing, and conveyance.

What makes the POD Business Model unique and beneficial?

Business owners stand to gain a whole lot from the POD business model. The main ones are as follows:

  • Business Owners who utilize the services of POD providers like SPOD can enjoy high-quality printing from the Cutting-Edge Printing Equipment that they provide
  • The Business Model is very sustainable because the business is generated entirely based on the orders placed. It means that the possibility of unsold products gets eliminated. The result is that the POD business model involves minimal risks.
  • A Business Owner who utilizes the services need not bother about stock, shipping, and any conventional business’s usual headaches.
  • Since there are practically minimal inventories involved, you only require limited capital to start your business.
  • Conventional Business risks are eliminated to a large extent. 

All these contribute to the rapidly growing popularity and growth of POD Models like SPOD. It has become one of the most sought-after business models in modern times, and thus many of the new generation entrepreneurs are using it to make big money, and so can you.

Steps involved to make use of the SPOD business model

If you are a young entrepreneur and plan to start up a fresh start-up, the POD model of SPOD is ideal for you. So, let us see the step-by-step process of utilizing this revolutionary SPOD business model:

Sign Up

Much like any other online platform, to utilize the services of SPOD, you have to sign up by creating your account with some basic information as is usually required. While creating your account, you have to specify which production site would suit your type of business.

Creating the Products

Once you have signed up and mentioned which production site you prefer, you must create the products you want to sell.

Promote your products online

The next step is to market or promote your products online. You can do so by selling on Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and so on.

Make the Sale and start making money.

You have to decide on the prices and check costs, taxes, and fees. Once this is through, you can start selling your products online and making money. A lot of this depends on this step for your business success. It is this step that will finally separate you from the competitors in the sector. 

SPOD takes care of everything after that

Once SPOD receives the order from your end, they spring into action and do everything. They do the printing for you, pack and ship it, and have it delivered to the customer’s doorstep. This is done in the shortest time and the most efficient manner. 

What will you benefit from with SPOD?

  • High Standards of Printing – You can benefit from the high-end printing delivered by SPOD; having more than 20 years of experience, they are the industry leaders.
  • Make use of their easy-to-use tools and platform
  • You can also enjoy discounted samples
  • The processes are fully automated and thus very efficient at all times.
  • You can enjoy their guidance and resources at all times.


All of these make SPOD one of the leaders in the industry and a highly profitable business model. So, if you desire to make use of a highly profitable and low-risk business model in the current time’s SPOD is ideal. Do you know how to Start a Print-On-Demand Business?

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