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How does an online ecommerce site work?

by Milan Mathew

What’s the biggest breakthrough in online business? Ecommerce.

A person who uses a marketplace website will only see the front end of the site. From selecting an item and buying it using a medium to transfer cash like credit or debit cards, most people only see the basics of an ecommerce site and don’t give it much thought. Developers, however, have a much more tangible idea about the processes involved. But not all ecommerce business owners are developers.

eCommerce websites main have 3 sections as per the users: Admin, sellers and buyers are the 3 main categories.

Let’s start with the popular section: the buyer.

Buyer Section
The front end of the website is the most important fact part of the business. The first step of an online business is attracting customers. This includes the website look, feel and messaging. The design of the website should let the client immediately understand the message and product or service offered. Clients should be able to understand how to purchase, and in order to maintain a proper history, buyers are requested to register their account. This will also decrease the fraud sale.

Seller Section
We can develop an ecommerce website simply with a front end and admin side. Seller sections are important for increasing the products on the site. Sellers should have their own section to maintain their products. This area can be made more efficient by tracking the progress and benefits of selling specific products. Some of the features present in the seller section include the ability to sell downloadable digital products like ebooks, software, pictures, templates, and functionality to accommodate gift certificates, client refunds, client inquiries and more.
Must-Have Features for Sellers

  • Individual product manager panel for each seller.
  • Customizable product options like Color, Size , length etc.
  • Supports unlimited vendors
  • Sellers can add, edit products images and prices.
  • Powerful Dashboard
  • Supports multiple product images
  • Supports split payments across different sellers
  • Affiliate programs to market your stores
  • Individual control panels for sellers

Admin Section
The admin is the most important member of the website. An admin can be either be an owner or an employee. The admin side carries a lot of activity throughout the site. All activities are controlled from an admin panel. It is important that the admin panel is simple to understand and easy to work with. The admin side can be made in different ways as per the developer preferences. The admin controls the actions of seller and buyers in the sense that he/she has the authority to suspend accounts and deal with issues pertaining to financial control.

We hope this has given you a basic idea of the inner workings of an ecommerce site and the 3 areas which work in unison.

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