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Hotel Booking Script

by Aji Abraham

If you are looking for an easy way to create an online booking system for a new or existing rental property or hotel website, there is no better option than selecting a hotel booking script.

Hotel booking scripts are easy to incorporate into an existing site or used as a standalone solution for your online reservation and payment needs. Why?  These premade scripts are cost-efficient while also being easy-to-use as they are created for your specific business needs. There are plenty reservation scripts available but there are some key features to look for.

Any vacation script, hotel script or reservation script considered should provide enough functionality to work for your type of business.  Some hotel scripts are used specifically for hotels with one location or mode of payment.  Others need a script that will cater to multiple locations and destinations.  determine which type you need along with your specific website needs.  What if you lack vacancy and someone stumbles across your site? What could you offer then?

iScripts Reservelogic is a quality hotel booking script that provides various modes of operation and reservation, payment options, social sharing and promotional tools and comprehensive site management.  You can use the script for your website if you operate one small bed and breakfast or a chain spanning across multiple destinations. The software is easily customizable and can cater to nearly all your online booking needs.

One major perk is Expedia listing integration. This optional setting allows you to use Expedia listings in 1 of 3 ways. You can set the listings to appear along with your inventory, to appear only if you no longer have vacancy, or to run the site completely on Expedia listings.  If users decide to purchase, they will not be redirected from your website.  They will have the ability to complete their Expedia purchase and book the room on your site.

Choose your own payment gateways, site content, and more.  Add amenities, pictures, descriptions and specifics to your rooms and listings. All of this functionality combined makes developing and maintaining your site completely cost-efficient and flexible.

Save your business time and money by taking advantage of a premade hotel booking script. Install iScripts ReserveLogic on a server to build your site on this easily transportable and customizable reservation system for fast and easy booking.


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