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Guidelines for Developing Mobile Applications

by Milan Mathew

Mobile Apps have changed the definition of everyday activity in human life. It has been an essential part of our lives and why not we do almost everything with the help an app.

The world is connected to mobile apps. Crafting some excellent mobile application for your business & start-ups will always be of an effective step in improving your business strategies. It would be really helpful to transform recognized ideas into stunning & inventive mobile Apps.

But before all that, considering some successful ideas for developing Mobile Applications will increase the work output than expected.

Don’t you think there are some impressive ways of designing mobile applications? Yes, it would be wise to build these applications by considering some proper guidelines.

Let’s have a check at a few of the same.

  • Platform Consideration
    Considering the platform in which the app is intended to develop is of prime importance. It varies on the user’s interest. Whether it is Android or iOS and cross-platform, proper guidelines should be followed by the design team accordingly.

Some aspects related to Platform selection are,

  • Functionality:
    Each mobile platform has its own functionality to be described. The development should be based on the sort of functionality you wishes to implement in your idea.
  • User experience:
    The feedback generated by the users on the platforms will be different according to their needs. So it is the user requirement to be considered while selecting the required platform.
  • Cost and Ease of Maintenance:
    Much of the cost that goes into having a mobile app occurs after the initial version is created. You may want to add functionality to the app later on or make changes based on user feedback.
    With a native app on multiple platforms, you’ll have to make any changes to each version of the app, which can be time-consuming and costly. Mobile Web apps are generally simpler to update and maintain since there is only one version.
    Hybrid apps are somewhere in the middle depending on whether the change needed is on the Web content or on the OS-specific code.
  • Focus on Customer Benefits
    Application designs shall always be based on customer benefits only. Do not design something simply because you can reuse a pattern or component for another feature.
    Never consider the design made for an app be the final one since evolutions always occur in the phases of its development. Design patterns help in creating an outline of the products served. Always be of prime importance about how the result will benefit the customer.

  • Optimized UI flows and elements:
    The end users are always pleased when the app gets easier to use.
    The time the App takes to respond is something that is analyzed by the customers and thus they judge its flow.However, the network might be slow, the device might be running other tasks in the background, and certain operations required a lot of calculation. If a user perceives that not wasting time with the use of the app, the app will be successful. User Interface and elemental flow of an App can thus be clearly figured out by the design team.
  • Scalability
    An adaptive feature that is required in Mobile Apps is the scalability. Hearing the term ‘Mobile’, we do take prior importance to handsets with lesser sizes. The point while considering phones is that we should rely our focus on mobiles, tablets, phablets and so on. While designing, they need to take an in-depth look at device interfaces and screen sizes.
    Syntax and layout should be aligned across these devices as much as possible, but we also want to leverage native platform guidelines and capabilities first and foremost.
    While for the design related to mobiles, try to include the necessary information in the sequence rather than flooding them with unwanted information. Small business owners use a phone to complete quick actions while they are not in the office, capture data, view content, then perhaps close it out and come back to take a look later.You want to make sure you can scale for multiple screen sizes, large and small, and not limit yourself to thinking only about the devices your products are being supported by. 
  • Theme matching design flow:
    A unified theme makes the App more steady for its end users. The theme flow itself helps the customers to continue comfortably within the app. The designs required for various icons, notifications, color combinations, alerts etc should maintain perfect alignment. This sort of discipline keeps the attention within the app flow itself.

We suppose you are comfortable with the guidelines required for app development.

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