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Grubhub & Seamless Merger

by Aji Abraham

Recently, GrubHub & Seamless have merged and the new entity is now known as GrubHub Seamless. Seamless was originally marketed to corporate New York and it has been decided that the brand will remain unchanged. I decided to take a look at the merger’s impact on the restaurant industry and try to determine whether or not this would really have an effect on the industry as a whole.Devour_ordering-food-online

Since GrubHub Seamless’ merger, the two sites processed on average over 174,000 orders per day throughout 2014 so far. The CEO noted that GrubHub Seamless generates billions of dollars for local restaurants; however, is that really the case?

OpenTable is a subsidiary of Priceline and this is another booking or reservation system used for restaurants. OpenTable is interesting because it requires the customer to actually visit the brick and mortar restaurant location. I feel that if you are in the restaurant business, this is a better option because the foot traffic itself is very beneficial.

OpenTable will still have to compete with GrubHub Seamless, but it appeals to a different market. GrubHub Seamless is for the user who is in a hurry or needs the convenience of staying at the location they are at to eat. OpenTable is effective in a sense that it reserves a table and there should theoretically be little wait time; however, dining in is still a process in itself.

I feel that Yelp or Google is a much larger threat to GrubHub Seamless than OpenTable. The power of customer reviews can make or break a business. If there is a new restaurant that you are unsure about, the first thing would be to look up reviews on service, pricing, and taste.

On Yelp, users give thorough reviews about service, explain their negative experiences, and even mention the ambiance or crowds that visit the restaurant. Google has a different strength. Google has strength in overall search and the ability to find a restaurant. The reviews on Yelp and overall site rank or SEO has an effect on your placement.

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