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Our Groundbreaking Printlogic Software Just Got Better

by Sheri Levitt

A one-of-a-kind software that converts raster files to vectors for easy printing? Unless you are CustomInk, it’s unheard of. It’s also pretty hard to accomplish! Unless you have a large team of developers, you probably would not have the access to (or the budget) to create an online solution like this.

That’s why we created it for you.

Our print and design software, iScripts PrintLogic, just acquired 1 new but major tweak. As the only solution of it’s kind, we wanted to ensure that all images would convert from raster to vector files. After examining some technical issues and possible solutions, we at iScripts concurred that AutoTrace was the best solution available to effectively perfect output files.

Autotrace is a program which is used to convert bitmap images to vector images. It can import images in BMP, TGA, PNM, PPM, PGM, PBM and those supported by ImageMagick, and can deliver Postscript, SVG, Xfig, SWF, pstoedit, emf, DXF, cgm, mif, p2e and sk as output.

With Autotrace incorporated into iScripts PrintLogic, your users can add available clipart or choose to upload images from their computer. After the design is complete, files will be converted on your end so you can easily create quality prints for your customers without a hassle.


In order to properly function, this upgraded version of the software requires a VPS.  If you do not have a virtual private server, consider the iScripts Cloud option.  If you have purchased PrintLogic and choose to move to the cloud, we will credit your account the amount of your initial purchase. Contact us at 1-(800)-569-5538 for more information.

This solution has been quite a success for print shops and online designers. We are happy to bring you an affordable option for your online printing business! Try the new version for yourself by checking out our live demo.

Have questions or need additional features? Please don’t hesitate to call out the team at 1-(800)-569-5538. We would be happy to assist you.

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