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Grab a Bigger Bite with Online Restaurant Delivery Software

by Milan Mathew

What does it take to turn a new customer into a regular one?

If it is a hotel or a food business, the answer would be food. Food is a pretty universal source of joy and comfort, but that’s not all. You can also add ambiance, staff, price, menu, and more to the list. Yes, they are all an integral aspect of restaurant business but now they have a new dimension: the online presence.

Online Restaurant Delivery Software

Online food ordering-delivery platforms are feeding people across the world and making profits for themselves in the process. Their explosive growth has made entrepreneurs sit up and take notice.

While the big names in the business have already benefited and taken advantage of this by significantly expanding their business over the year,  newbies have also added their innovative business models and set milestones to the market. Local and small scale businesses are unaware of the possibilities.


What online presence primarily gives is a promotion that would otherwise require great time and resources. It’s also something that can help restaurants improve operational efficiencies and boost marketing ROI.

A business website having an online reservation and ordering system (a mobile app also) would take your food business to a whole new level. In fact, websites and mobile apps have become a transformative force for any industry you can think of.

Let’s see the benefits associated with the food business:

  1. Bring in more customers: If you have a website that will increase the visibility of your products and you will get more customers. Try to use this way to engage with more customers. Keep loyal followers on your website and inform them about the upcoming events, menu specials and to encourage them to keep coming back. Any local restaurant needs to be connected to people in order to bring them.
  2. Serve the customers a bit more:
    • Convenience: An online business website, by default, not only provides necessary information but also a system to offer better usability. Customers should be able to conveniently access the services such as reserving a table or placing an order for delivery and more.
    • Rich browsing & choices: Have an ordering system with options that enhance the experience of the customer and add-ons that make sure to deliver the exact requirements of your customers. Features to customize the food, make special notes on preparation or on delivery and to provide feedback are a few that an online food business of today’s market needs.
    • Ease of checkout: Carrying around currency, calculating the tip and everything in between the ordering and checkout process… there’s a lot involved in the checkout process that sometimes creates a minor setback, especially if it takes up unnecessary time. A well-setup online delivery system ensures these factors are never an extra burden for the customers.
    • Make your operation more effective: Small scale businesses may not have well-coordinated and systematic processes in place yet. The method of ordering, delivery, payment and backend processes, if not coordinated, might be seriously consuming many of their resources and draining their wealth. If an online delivery system is involved, you automatically need to be more systematic to keep up with the system. This gives more effectiveness and efficiency to the business processes.

Now you are aware of the benefits, do you know what are the features needed in an online restaurant app? You can check the Features and Qualities Needed for a Restaurant Ordering System


Establish yourself: A billboard is only visible to its vicinity. And there is a huge limit to word-of-mouth marketing to be able to create a commendable brand value for your business. A local or small-scale business would not have the luxury of launching expensive branding campaigns. A mere online presence would not exactly achieve this motive, yet, it is a great push towards your goal. Coupled with many other online services like SEO and ads, you are one step ahead of your competition and already miles ahead of them.

But you don’t have to be a web designer to create a gorgeous, easy-to-use website with all the elements a restaurant needs. iScripts has this unique solution that suits a variety of food business websites – iScripts NetMenus. You are looking at a wider canvas here. Know why? iScripts NetMenus not only covers the needs of a single restaurant. In fact, it can be implemented for various business models such as

  1. Multi-Restaurant Multi-Location (Grubhub model)
  2. Single-Restaurant Multi-Location (Restaurants with different outlets around the World)
  3. Single-Restaurant Single-Location

The Powerful Admin panel gives you the full accessibility to manage every aspect of the website. That only gives you a glimpse of how the functional variety packed in a single script crafted for hotel businesses.

You can explore more from and find that this open-source solution has an incredible list of features including multiple payment options (PayPal, BluePay and COD, etc.) and connected apps for Users and Restaurant owners. “Restaurant Owners?” Yes. As already mentioned, the software supports multiple restaurants to be managed so that you can start a service to channel the orders in a particular geographical area a make good revenue from the commission. Some of the notable features of iScipts NetMenus are:

  • Responsive Themes
  • User Interaction
  • Orders get placed on Email as well as Fax
  • Supports advanced ordering
  • Mobile Apps

You can also find more features on iScripts NetMenus. If you are worried about how to earn from the restaurant business, here is a quick method to earn from Restaurant Business.

Using this complete system, you can grow your existing restaurant business while meeting new customer demands and staying competitive within the restaurant industry.

Get an idea of how to use the system and see the full list of features in action by using the free trial of our online demo. Have additional questions? Contact our team at (312) 423-672

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