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Getting customer feedback – iScripts Idea Lab

by Kathy Hill

Its always difficult to useful and aggregate customer feedback on products and services. Yes, we do get our share of feedback from customers, some more vocal than others. But translating it into actionable and viable ideas are mostly a trial and error method. Recently we have added an idea lab, where we add a laundry list of things in our to-do list and let customers vote for it.  The iScripts Idea Lab ( we copied the concept from Google shamelessly). Goal is to keep it as an informal venue to get ideas to fuel our future growth. So lets know what you want us to work on. We have limited resources, like everybody else. so we want to spend it in areas that can have maximum impact to our customers profitability. So lets know what you want to see from iScripts , let it be a new open source software application, new features to existing ones or other services. Speak your mind. and be heard.

By the way, thanks to the folks at user voice who created this app, its awesome.

Aji Abraham

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