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Get the Social Media Results You Want

by Ashley Zimmerman

You have an active Facebook fan page.  Maybe you have Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube accounts too. So why aren’t you seeing a return on the time and effort you are investing? To reach full potential, try something new.

What is social commerce?  It is a hot buzzword, but unfortunately, many do not know how to properly utilize it just yet.  Some strategies are not very likely to work (such as selling Tide through Facebook) and others have attempted (like Payvment) but some solutions ultimately did not work due to Facebook going mobile.  Besides contests, coupons, giveaways and just boldly promoting  your products to fans – what are ways that you can use social media to your advantage and get real results? We have a few new solutions for you.

NOTE: The rest of our suggestions rely on the assumption that your business already has established social accounts and a fan page.  If you do not have a fan page, check out Pagemodo. They offer plenty of awesome services (cover photos, custom tabs, professional looking fan pages etc) – for FREE. 

Reach Friends of Friends – Rather than just reaching those that love your products already, wouldn’t it be valuable to target their friends? Now you can.  There is a new platform that provides just this – Ravox.com.  Ravox allows small and medium sized businesses the ability to create free Facebook stores, customize the storefront and add products.  Things surely get interesting when those products are then added to the Ravox Marketplace.  This is where Ravox Social Affiliates go to find new and interesting products. These social affiliates choose their own products to market directly through friends and fans via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and email. If sales are traced back to these affiliates, they receive a set commission. This is a suburb way to extend your existing reach to those that are likely to be interested in your products or services.


Monitor and Draw Real Data – Cut down on time by managing all your social accounts at once from one login.  Is that even possible? Yes! We found a solution at SocialDefender that can provide you with these benefits. We love that it also includes customer sentiment analytics.  How does your customer actually FEEL towards your brand? Find out the emotions of your users and customers.  The platform can connect to your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, G+ accounts and more.  This will give you a more accurate picture of where your social reputation is and where it is headed so you can make calculated decisions based on actual data.  If you mention iScripts to SocialDefender.com, you can receive the Silver Plan for free for an entire year!


Create a Social Platform for Your Business – As you know, your customers have the ability to talk about you anywhere. Facebook, G+, review sites, blogs and more. Keep all this content contained by creating your own social network for customers.  Creating a social community specifically for your customers is a great way to provide a sense of community.  This can fuel an emotional connection with your brand as well as a deeper connection.  iScripts Socialware contains many impressive social network features that can compliment any business.


Create a Custom App – If you have a budget to work with, this would be a great investment for your business. For example, do you own a restaurant or an online delivery website like iScripts Netmenus? Consider building a custom app providing menus, updates and other interesting features. Use a white-label app to save on cost.  White-label apps like those offered on GizmoPlay can be customized to fit your specific business.


Make more of your social efforts by utilizing these new tools. See a return on your investment by staying up to date with the most innovative social commerce solutions. Need to integrate a specific solution with your business? Let us know how we can help. 1-(800)-569-5538

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