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Get Customers for Your Startup

by Sheri Levitt

Acquiring customers isn’t just a concern you will face when starting your business.  This will be an ongoing issue and one of the most important factors for achieving sales throughout the life of your business. So how can you get the right customers, right now?  Review our tips to target your audience and reach them fast:

Partner Up. Assuming you have an accurate and detailed picture of your target (no, “men 30-55” is not enough), identify other businesses that serve the same market. Reach out to them through partnerships and deals. Some businesses will allow guest blogging and monthly inserts. Some may charge but depend upon the fee and the market you are trying to reach, this could be a very low price in the scope of things.

Give something away. Once you have these customers at your fingertips, offer them something valuable – preferably free or heavily discounted. This should be of little expense to you.

Develop a strategy for repeat business. One of your long-term goals should be aimed at keeping customers. If you offer one very niche product, your customer lifespan could be very short and ending immediately after purchase. If you find yourself in this situation, keep in mind that this is very important. After all of the hard work you spend acquiring customers, you should give yourself the opportunity to keep them through repeat business.

Create an incentive referral program. This is simple and can yield great results. Give your customers a reason to talk about you. Appreciate those that provide you with good word-of-mouth and quality referrals.

Get social. If someone has seen or heard of your website, there is a 72% chance they have also looked up your social reputation. These blogs and reviews matter a lot for purchasers. Be sure to take an interest in your social reputation and what others are saying about you.

Have you considered launching a new product? Just as marketing can get stale, so can your products. If customers already knew everything that you offer, what will keep them coming back? Aside from new marketing techniques, consider your competition and existing products. Is there something missing? Is there a complimentary product you could add to your offering?

These are just a few ideas for getting the quality customers you want.  Get more selling info by signing up for our free “How to Sell” online class. Weekly courses are sent directly to you via email. Read them at your leisure. iScripts.com does not give your information to any 3rd parties.

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