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Gain Targeted Traffic to Your Website

by Sheri Levitt

website-trafficIf you can attract those interested in the product or service you offer by utilizing the content on your website, message boards, social media and other methods, it is more than likely you’ll make more sales.

To attract those wanting what you offer to visit your website you should:

Become an Expert – Join online groups to discuss your areas of expertise. Being an active member of a forum community can really help to gain attention. Be sure to add a link to your website or blog in your profile.

Provide Rich Content on Your Site – Your site content drives more traffic when you offer something of great value to your visitors. There are various types of useful content you can create to offer information your visitors need. The more valuable information you provide the more potential sales you will create.  This can be in the form of a video or written blog, a new product, releases or reviews. The point is to put out enough content from your site so that you will be able to pull visitors from search engines.

Create a Blog – Blogs can attract quality traffic due to keyword-rich content. Keep posting at regular intervals. Guest posting can sometimes attract huge traffic.  As always, make sure the content provides value for your target audience.  You should also be sure to blog regularly so search engines will visit and index your site more frequently.

Consider Off-Site Optimization – It is very important to have backlinks to your site. You can do this by using social media, forum posts, article marketing and blogging.  As long as the links come from reputable websites where your target market visits, you’ll increase quality traffic.

Call To Action – In every email, blog post and giveaway, you should always have an additional call to action. Ensure that you are presenting your target market with offers that are actually of use to them.

Market to Your Niche – This is key, but unfortunately, often overlooked. By focusing on your actual niche rather than the general customer, you will see an increase in traffic and quality of your website visitors. If your website is about a specific industry, then you need to have more traffic from targeted sources.

Offer a Freebie – Although it may be seen as unnecessary use of time and resources to create, it can be very rewarding to see increased traffic to your site. Your freebie should be related to what you are actually selling to steer clear of presenting mixed messages.

Use Article Submission Sites – Article submission is one of the fastest ways to attain high-quality links to your site. There are many high ranking article websites that accept article submitted by guest authors. Simply write an article about something in your industry or related to your products and submit them to these sites for approval.  If it is approved, you will have a lot of potential for exposure.

The most important part is making a plan and putting it into action!  If you would like further information, contact iScripts to find out how to add newsletters and blogs to your existing website.

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