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Future of E-Commerce Business

by Sheri Levitt

The area of e-commerce triumphs in the business sector for the past few years. The future also claims that e-commerce platforms are going to be the backbone of online marketplaces. Rather than defining as an act of doing business activities on the Internet, it refers to buying and selling products and services on the Internet through a website.

The features of an eCommerce website make it easy for customers to browse for products, pick them out, put them into a trolley, and then pay for them at checkout.

E-Commerce Business

Many people are migrating from physical stores to buy goods and services on the Internet. Today, 60% of shoppers in developed countries go to the Internet to purchase products and services. This method of shopping is preferred because it is convenient and also people can shop from their houses.

Unlike a regular brick and mortar store, an E-Commerce store always stays up and working 24/7. Customers can get products online and buy products at any time. There are many benefits that e-commerce gives businesses:

Comprehensive descriptions of products:
An e-commerce site provides its customers with data sheets that contain all the features and characteristics of products. This data sheet also contains ratings given by other customers who have already bought this product. Also known as a product catalog, this document provides the customers with all the information they need about the products that they want to buy. Loaded with this knowledge, the customers can make informed decisions as they buy products.

Available through the search engines:
Billions of people use search engines to find products that they want to buy. With a physical store, it is challenging to reach such a large market. However, an online store can quickly accomplish this. By having an online store, a business can reach more customers than with physical stores.

Reduce the cost of maintaining and managing inventory:
In a physical store, various costs are involved to manage the inventory. It costs time and money to manage inventory. Physical means of managing inventory are slow and costly. However, it is easier and cheaper to maintain inventory on an e-commerce website.

It is computerized, hence extremely competent:
An e-commerce website can keep selling goods and services without getting exhausted or getting slow. This is because the whole system is computerized. It is effective and always accurate. As such, when a customer orders a particular product, they will get it delivered to them. What did you need to know before starting an eCommerce marketplace?

Role of Multi-Vendor Store in E-Commerce Businesses

An online marketplace where buyers and sellers initiate or conduct transactions can be referred to as a multivendor marketplace. A multivendor marketplace enables you to expand your online commerce store and allow multiple vendors to sell on the same platform. It helps in establishing a profitable business successfully.

iScripts provides you a chance to make a better leader in your business with iScripts MultiCart. You can start your own online business by giving your customers the ability to create your own e-commerce marketplace with multiple vendors in the backend.

iScripts Multicart is a robust e-commerce platform that allows the user to quickly create their online marketplace with multiple vendors in the backend. Several kinds of hostings also make the script more adaptable to environments.

The enlightening features included in the latest pack of iScripts Multicart are:

iScripts MultiCart Mobile App

iScripts MultiCart comes up with iOS and Android mobile applications which makes access to your shopping cart more easily. The implementation of these apps permits full-time access to the website. The Apps are available for both the seller as well as the buyer.

Therefore the sellers can upload or update their product details even when they are unavailable at the locations. The buyer app lets customers to choose an appropriate product made available by sellers and to purchase them as well. App implementation also shows the compatibility of the Multi-vendor cart.

android and iOS app store button

Advanced Payment Options

Every eCommerce site needs more than two payment gateways for the ease of customers to pay. If the eCommerce site doesn’t have a particular payment gateway, It will affect their online business. The customer will visit a site and return without making any payment.

So, It is always better to have more than two payment gateways in online marketplace websites. The available payment gateways that can be included are PayPal, Authorize.net, WorldPay and many more. Admin has the option to set payments. One can pay directly to the admin or can split up between admin and seller.

Recommendation Engine

An implemented feature in the latest version of iScripts Multicart. This is an engine plugin that helps e-commerce platform owners to suggest and sell “frequently bought together” products.

Scheduled publishing of products

The admin can publish products under any particular seller. Preferably the products can be published on an estimated schedule later as per the time dependency.

Multiple languages

When you limit your product’s availability to only one language, you limit your potential customer base to a fraction of our world’s billions of population.

Stripe payments


Stripe is a powerful payment gateway solution for Multi-Vendor web stores. It enables them to accept credit cards worldwide. While this feature is introduced in iScripts MultiCart, the payments are transferred to the vendor account without admin approval. Thus It will reduce tasks of admin to a great extent.

Bulk product and Image Upload

The issues of product management can be rectified by uploading bulk products and images. This can be done by an admin or seller in the form of a CSV file. The options available for product upload are also available for bulk upload.

Digital Products and physical products

iScripts Multicart supports both physical as well as digital products. Gift certificates and other digital products can be made to sell at the available platforms. The option makes the Multi-vendor store more adaptive to the sales atmosphere.

The numerous features of iScripts Multicart include:

  • RSS Feed for the seller.
  • Mixed Product delivery
  • Social media for sharing or Like products using Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest
  • Return Merchant Authorization for Customers
  • Provides gift vouchers
  • Wide range currency list
  • Integrated Shipping Method

Do you want to create your own multi-vendor marketplace? Try it with iScripts Multicart.

For any doubts contact us at (312) 423-6728. We are also available in sales@iscripts.com

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