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Quick Study: Funded Startups Using On-Demand Service Model

by Milan Mathew

What is a startup business?

A startup is a newly emerged entrepreneurial venture. The main aim is to conquer a segment of the market as fast as possible with an innovative product, process or service, and ideally using as little funds as possible.

Startups are a form of opportunity for anyone who is interested in business. You might think startup is just for a new idea or product but you are wrong! Startups are developed by individuals of all backgrounds, ages and skills, promoting various types of services and ideas, some just reinvented.

The most common disruptions we’ve seen in modern day markets have typically been new processes or ways of carrying out business – not new products. By adjusting and testing the ways we currently carry out and perform old processes or activities, business-minded individuals can attempt marketing successful ideas to the masses.

We can see this with numerous industries in the past and those up and coming in the future: the changes seen in the hospitality industry, travel options, retail experiences, food delivery and online grocery shopping are just a few examples.

If you have any new idea for a business then startup is always a good step tin the right direction. Startup businesses can be formed in either 2 ways: a new idea or a developed idea.

If you are not especially creative, you can step up to create a business using a developed idea. The only thing you need to do is open your eyes to see numerous business opportunities around us. On-demand service is a specific idea trendy for a startup business. We can see on-demand services play out and present in our daily lives.

Some of the major Start-up’s that you should know:

  1. DoorDash
    DoorDash does local restaurant delivery. DoorDash is growing businesses, creating jobs, and delivering smiles in over 300+ cities. DoorDash is trying to bring its last-mile logistics infrastructure to every corner of the world.
  2. Lyft, ride-hailing app- Request, Ride, Repeat
    Lyft is your friend with a car, whenever you need one. Download the app and get a ride from a friendly driver within minutes.
  3. Rover, AirBNB for dogs
    The nation’s largest network of 5‑star pet sitters and dog walkers. They provide overnight pet care, overnight pet or house-sitting services, dog walking service, daytime pet care in your sitter’s dog-friendly home, potty breaks and quick play dates services.
  4. Handy, home cleaning services
    Handy provides home and apartment cleaning services nationally. You can book online in 60 seconds. Handy Happiness Guarantee. Handyman services too.
  5. Blue Apron, meal ingredient delivery
    Blue Apron makes cooking fun and easy. They provide you with all the ingredients that you need to make a delicious meal in exactly the right proportions.
  6. Shyp
    Shyp Simplifies shipping with couriers that pick up and pack items and send them at the lowest available rate.
    Chicago Candle Factory sells 5x more with Shyp. Shyp packages and ships Chicago Candle Factory’s fragile, handcrafted soy candles around the country, helping the team grow sales by over 500% in just one year.
  7. Homepolish
    Hourly interior design in 10+ cities and online nationwide. From decorating rooms to renovating offices, our designers help you get any job done in style.
    Homepolish connects users with interior decorators that match their style. They maintain standards of work and their filter applicants and pass only 5% of the designers who apply are accepted to work for the service.
  8. ClassPass
    The best fitness studios, classes, and experiences are on ClassPass. Work out where you want, when you want, and how you want, with one membership.
    For just $60 a month, ClassPass gives endless access to boutique physical fitness classes. No wonder the solution has attracted $84 million in funding. Currently, the service is available across the country and in Australia as well as London 
  9. Soothe
    No more hassles of traveling to shops to get services. Soothe sends a massager to your house within an hr’s notification, likewise as the business plans to increase to 20 new cities and to international markets. Soothe – Massage on Demand delivers world-class massages to your doorstep in as little as 1 hour.
  10. SitterCity
    Every 9 seconds a parent finds an amazing local babysitter or nanny on Sittercity. Find childcare near you. The company connects babysitters and parents in one area and offers recently launched Chime to babysitters who are available at present.
  11. Glamsquad
    No time at all to reach DryBar? Glamsquad provides specialist hair and makeup artists to your door. They take consultations via an app or online. They take appointments through an app or online. GlamSquad is your pro-team for hair, makeup, and nails- anytime, anywhere.
  12. Enjoy
    A new way to buy the best technology with free delivery and Expert help.
    Ron Johnson, the former Apple, and JC Penney guy’s latest venture – Enjoy, market devices to consumers, supplies promptly to their door and reveal them how to establish and utilize the stuff — and even integrate everything into a linked home.
  13. MoveLoot
    Move Loot is the easiest way to buy and sell used furniture online. Consign with MoveLoot for a hassle-free experience inclusive of pickup and delivery. Move Loot aids individuals sell and buy furnishings, giving pickup, listing, storage, and delivery. Its movers– salaried staff members educated to not damage your stuff– can ensure an ultra-narrow pick-up as well as distribution window.
  14. Washio
    Washio is a wash and fold laundry service that picks up dirty laundry, cleans it, and delivers it back to its owners. however, Washio has nearly improved the system with its quick denial and efficient deliveries– especially amongst business travelers, that is dumping hotel dry cleaning.
  15. OpenDoor
    Sell your home with Opendoor. Skip the hassle of showings, repairs, and months of uncertainty. Request your free offer today! OpenDoor intends to buy your home. The business utilizes information analytics to identify the fairest cost, makes you a deal and can close the sale within 3 days. After that, it manages the headache of the listing and marketing it. How Service Providers can create an On-Demand Service Marketplace?

These are the basic steps for building a startup:

  1. Learn Data
  2. Build idea
  3. Measure Product

4P’s Needed for a Successful Startup Business

Every single person who looks into starting a business is interested in a profit. In order to attain a successful business, the 4P’s are important. We must give our full passion for the business. We must find the purpose of taking the business to a successful level. Find the best people for business execution and go for the profit.

For example, considering travel there are on-demand services available for taxis, but it can also be used for flights, buses, ships and even renting bicycles. Thoughts can change the future, but we have opportunities around us.

Create your own on-demand service with UberforX software, which can be modified for any service.
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Operating similar to Uber, our software, iScripts UberforX, is a premium eCommerce solution developed to serve the needs of various on-demand services.

This ecommerce platform also has an IOS app for the users to book a time slot. We’ve also put time into creating a valuable vendor app which allows the service providers to manage the bookings themselves.


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