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Find Out Which Software is Right for You

by Ashley Zimmerman

EasyCreate or AutoHoster? GoStores or MultiCart? Sometimes it may be difficult to determine which iScripts software will work best for your idea or existing business. That’s why we have developed a breakdown of our software including the most commonly asked questions. Read on to determine which software is right for your business:

iScripts AutoHoster is perfect for resellers, web hosting and web design businesses looking to create a site or online business similar to GoDaddy or Hostgator. There are a few different ways you can operate the software. You can use a fully automated model in which account and domains are automatically created by your users.

Is you would like to have a little more control, you can require the site administrator to create accounts, but real-time domain registration will still be enabled. To reduce your risk of fraud, you can control domain and account registration from the backend, but enable automatic billing. iScripts AutoHoster comes with a built-in support desk and site builder.

iScripts EasyCreate can be used to create your own site building website similar to Wix.com. This online site builder can be a free or paid service. If you have an existing web design or hosting business, you can create the site as a free service to use as a lead generation tool. If you are an agency and have client sites, you can also use the script to help manage your accounts.

*** The main difference between iScripts AutoHoster and iScripts EasyCreate lies in the hosting aspect and support management. Once finished creating a site using the iScripts EasyCreate software, users can download the site or publish it to their hosting account. With iScripts AutoHoster, you will be reselling and offering domain and hosting registration. If you choose iScripts AutoHoster, you will also be provided with a support desk, remote desktop sharing and live chat in order to effectively manage sales and support tickets submitted by your clients and customers.

GoStores, MultiCart or MultiCart Enterprise? Looking to start an ecommerce or store building website? Determine your software:

iScripts GoStores is an online store builder allowing you to create an online business similar to Big Commerce or Shopify. Big Commerce gives users the ability to easily create hosted, online stores. The concept is similar to iScripts EasyCreate, but instead of users creating basic and professional websites, they will be creating store sites equipped with shopping carts. Offer similar features to reap the benefits of a subscription-based business model.

iScripts MultiCart gives you’re the ability to create your own online marketplace like Etsy.com. This multi-vendor shopping cart contains multi-currency compatibility, digital product support, as well as a variety of shipping and payment methods.

iScripts MultiCart Enterprise supports vendor, affiliate and reseller panels that allow third parties to sell and work independently. This is a premium solution for established businesses with various product lines, drop shipping businesses similar to Doba.com or businesses employing resellers. This is a complete distributed ecommerce platform. Manage multiple storefronts, vendors and vital automated merchandising logistics.

***The main difference between iScripts GoStores, iScripts MultiCart, and MultiCart Enterprise is the type of online business you are looking to create. If you want customers to create their own online stores, iScripts GoStores is for you. Want your own marketplace featuring your own products or those produced by others? Use MultiCart. If you have an established online business with a lot of moving parts, highly consider iScripts MultiCart Enterprise, which is the only solution of its kind.

If you are looking to start a dating or social site, it may be difficult to determine which software is right for you based upon your desired features. See how to distinguish between iScripts CyberMatch and iScripts SocialWare.

iScripts SocialWare is a social networking script equipped with built-in features and functionality similar to Facebook plus additional perks. In addition to a wall, feed and social sharing capability, you have the control to offer users a wide range of modules such as personal messaging, chat, video, forums, groups, gifts, events, classifieds, search features, photo albums, events and tickets, articles, stories, music, jobs, tips and wishes.

iScripts CyberMatch is a dating script used for creating a site like eHarmony or Match.com. The software includes  social features such as profiles, instant messaging, events and video chat, but it also includes features that are online dating specific.  These include background check functionality, abuse reporting and signup questions.

***While both scripts may contain features you are looking for, one is designed for social networking and the other is designed for relationship matchmaking. If you want to include some of the SocialWare features in CyberMatch, this can be accomplished with a quick customization. Contact our project managers for a fixed price quote. 

Have additional questions? Check the product pages, or contact us by phone or live chat and we will be happy to help you!

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