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February Case Study: Sonder Analytics

by Mariya Parackal
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Sonder Analytics is a revolutionary platform that leverages data from students of top universities and colleges to create tailored and high-value solutions for its users. In simple words, Sonder Analytics is a mechanism that co-opts demographic surveys to deliver answers to pressing and imminent questions from the higher-learning populace. The crux of the platform is to seek the opinions and views of the next generation so that potential clients, brands, and companies are in-tune with the needs, requirements, and expectations of the younger cohort. Thus, Analytics is an excellent way to bridge the gap between a brand and its younger target audience. 

What Makes Sonder Analysis Special: An Overview 

Sonder Analytics is the ideal intersection between B2B consulting and market-oriented consulting and between the new and upcoming generation of buyers, influencers, and demographics. It is customized to offer unique and novel perspectives from the younger generation. Furthermore, it is tailored to fit the needs of a particular marketplace so that the organization or brand gets a firmer grasp on its future and what alternatives can be made for a more fruitful business endeavor. The founder and CEO of Sonder Analytics – is a professional and experienced Economics and Robotics Researcher with specializations in Mathematics and Art. He firmly believes in the transformative potential of data. Hence, he has devised a product that eloquently speaks to its users through the lexicon of data and analytics. 

The Simplicity of Sonder Analytics 

Sonder Analytics appropriates the tremendous powers of analytics to discover the most efficient and diligent way to offer invaluable data-driven insights to their customers so that they can stay a class apart from the rest. The simplicity of using the platform also makes it stand out. 

  • Users of the platform can access surveys upon successful login into their primary dashboard. The surveys generated by Sonder Analytics are a research-based data collection method wherein the exclusive targets are college and university students. 
  • Each survey in the user’s dashboard has its title, category, image description, expiration date, completion status, and a quick link so that everything is seamlessly put together and the user can have a hassle-free experience on the platform. 
  • Likewise, users have access to three different kinds of surveys on their dashboard – completed surveys, uncompleted surveys, and concluded surveys. Moreover, the users can easily search and refine relevant surveys through titles, categories, and keywords.
  • While clicking on the ‘uncompleted’ or ‘recent’ survey option, users can begin their re-participation. Secondly, completed surveys mean that users cannot re-attempt the survey. The move is a way to facilitate impartial opinions. Lastly, concluded surveys are expired, and users are prevented from participating in the same through a pop-up message. 

It is noteworthy to mention that Sonder Analytics is integrated with TypeForm surveys. Thus, the questions and answers of the survey through TypeForm, and users can register to the platform and provide demographic information. In addition, the platform is responsible for collecting and managing the results of each survey. 

Features of Sonder Analytics

Sonder Analytics

Some of the highlights of Sonder Analytics are –

  • Sonder Analytics is a platform that provides brands and organizations with a unique and fresh perspective from the next generation, that is, young college and university students.
  • Entrepreneurs can understand how the upcoming generation perceives their brand, or more the Gen Z. 
  • Sonder Analytics allows its users to curate and craft personalized surveys to receive answers to pertinent queries related to their business. 
  • The platform utilizes the straightforward medium of surveys to apprehend views of the young cohort vis-à-vis a specific brand, idea, or proposal. Thus, Sonder Analysis pledges’ accuracy is immaculate as there is no bias, tweaking of data, or manipulating the results. 
  • The online survey program that Sonder Analytics offers is cost-effective, high quality, and excellent for those willing to improve their brand repute, relatability, and relevance. 

Top Five Benefits of Surveys 

There are numerous tangible benefits of the survey method of data collection and data analytics to extract market-oriented research. 

  1. Real-time Data Collection – One of the veritable advantages of the surveys of Sonder Analytics is that the answers to the questions are quick and provided in real-time. Thus, the issue of redundancy is removed, and brands get the freshest perspectives from the young cohort. 
  1. Versatility – The surveys that Sonder Analytics supports and pushes forward are customizable. Thus, they can be used for various purposes, such as conducting market research, finding out about industry trends, and so forth. Likewise, corporate houses and companies also get the leeway to learn unbiased and unfiltered opinions on their products and services. 
  1. User-friendly – Sonder Analytics is easy to use and simple to understand.
  1. Excellent Analysis – The data-oriented analysis that users can get through Sonder is precious. The results can help a brand or a company transform into an industry leader. The data features are accuracy and convenience, which makes the entire process of data co-option all the more amenable.
  1. Cost-effectiveness – Sonder Analytics is a cost-effective data extraction and data analysis method. The benefits that a brand can reap from the platform are, undoubtedly, worth much more than what they have to pay in the beginning. 

Functioning of the Survey System of Sonder Analytics 

The functioning of Sonder Analytics is premised on a user-rich experience with multiple areas for content and navigation. The platform’s usage is limited to college and university students, and they are the only ones who can create an account in Sonder Analysis. Very few details, including name, email, and username – are required by the platform for login. All the surveys in the platform are categorized into specific divisions such as Academic Surveys, Event Planning Surveys, Market Research Surveys, and so forth. The questions included in the surveys are varied and diverse and consists of – 

  • Open-ended questions
  • Close-ended questions
  • Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)
  • Rating Questions
  • Likert Scale Questions
  • Disjunctive Questions
  • Picture Choice Questions
  • Demographic Questions

In conclusion, the Sonder Analysis Platform materialized by the competent team of iScripts is genuinely revolutionary in nature. Moreover, the experts at iScripts ensured that the scope of Sonder Analysis is complemented with utmost dexterity and cost-efficiency. 

This is one of our recent projects developed by our developers. If you are in the lookout for creating a similar application, avail free consultation from our technical team at iScripts by clicking here. You can also call us on 312-423-6728 or compose an email containing your business requirements and budget to sales@iscripts.com to receive the best digital solutions for your company.

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