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Failing to Plan = Planning to Fail

by Sheri Levitt
Why do small businesses fail?

Why do small businesses fail?  As we know, all businesses are different, but there are a few similarities when it comes to businesses with a short life span. On the other hand, if you start your business factoring in these key points, you’ll have a better chance at entrepreneurial success:

Lack of Planning
Business success is not possible without careful and strategic planning.  All businesses need a business plan.  Many small businesses fail because of the fundamental shortcomings of planning.  This should be a realistic plan based on educated projections derived from accurate data.

Know Your Target Market
Some people put up a website, put up a bunch of ads, join communities and affiliate programs and submit their website to the top 800 search engines.  Now what? Don’t just sit there!  Websites that have a wide variety of products and services with nothing in common will have a hard time selling.  It is imperative to define and focus on a target market so that your visitors will be compelled to buy.

Acquire Traffic
Your website will not be found if you do not take action.  The internet does not bring customers to you. Without website traffic, your site is dead. You must take every step possible in order to attract visitors to your site in order to make sales. If you are receiving 5-6 visitors a day, you make traffic generation a priority.  Think of a brick and mortar business.  How many visitors need to come through the door to make sales? Apply the same mentality to your website traffic.

Poor Management
If you do not have relevant business and management experience, it may be harder for you to handle aspects of the business as well as others, if you have additional employees.  Recognize your weaknesses and work on them to improve.  Do not neglect important factors such as your target market and creating a work environment that encourages productivity.  Never disregard or neglect to study your market even after your business has been established.  This is critical to stay afloat in your industry.

This is Not a Hobby
If you do not take your own business seriously, who else will?  If this is a side hobby for you, you probably won’t accomplish very much. How do you operate your business?  When you work on it, does it depend on what else is going o it life or if you would rather do something else for that day?  Serious business owners schedule time for their business.  If you begin your startup this way, you can still change it.  Just don’t expect to get more out of your site than you put in yourself.

Lack of Passion & Stamina
Will your product or service fulfills a real need? If you strongly believe in your product and what it can do for others, you will be in a good position to take it on. If you are starting your business for the wrong reasons, it probably won’t make it for the long haul.  Do you have the energy it takes to face challenges and takes responsibility for what lies ahead? Drive, determination, patience and a positive attitude can go a long way.  If you view mistakes as lessons to succeed rather than failures, it will help you immensely.

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