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Facebook Clone Script

by Aji Abraham

We are going to state the obvious here.

Besides legitimate matters, Facebook cloning might not be an efficient idea because it will be impossible to compete directly with the social giant.

However, you could create a social network with similar concepts or functionality and market it towards a specific niche.  Maybe there is a localized group that would benefit from their own social network.

This could be a club, church or another type of organization. Maybe you notice there is a group of people that are underserved around the country, or the world, that would benefit from a social community.

It will be an easier option to consider a Facebook clone script instead of spending excessive time, energy and financial investment to create a social network for these users.  

You might not be able to recreate a perfect replica or a clone of Facebook but such a script can assist you in creating a similar online community website that already includes tried and tested functionality that you know users already love and know how to use.

iScripts SocialWare is among the top quality Facebook clone scripts and is priced at a bargain value of $147 considering the options of flexibility and built-in functionalities.

This open-source PHP script is a fully customizable and user-friendly social networking portal software that includes different functionalities such as blogs, forums, chats, gift shops, job portals, album creation, music support, video support, search option, point system plus more.  

Just a few clicks will decide which all modules you need to include on your website. From the list, some of the features are already offered by Facebook but some of them extend beyond the basic functionality that Facebook offers.

iScripts SocialWare is a feature-packed open-source PHP script that will help you to create social websites like a standalone application or integrate with your existing website. The site can also earn you revenue from using ads and a built-in virtual gift store options.

This software’s key features include multiple designs and themes, support helpdesk, message boards, photo, and video gallery, classified ads support, fully editable user profiles, career portals, multilevel administration, friend list management, powerful search feature, music support, centralized website management, articles, events, points system, ratings and much more.  

Do you know how to run an internet business successfully?

You can now build your online community website using a simple Facebook clone script and watch your dream network flourish.

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