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How to Build a Social Networking Site like Facebook?

by Mariya Parackal

Looking to build a social networking site like Facebook?  By using the Facebook clone script, you can build an affordable and fully customizable social networking platform.

Social Networking App

Facebook is the largest social networking website with more than 2.23 billion active users and 400 daily sign-ups. Users register and create a personal profile, add friends, exchange messages, upload pictures, join common-interest user groups, organized by workplace, school or college, and categorize their friends into lists.  Modeled after popular social networking sites, iScripts SocialWare is highly user-friendly and graphic intensive.  

How to Build a Social Networking App like Facebook with SocialWare?

Do you have a plan to build a social networking site like Facebook? This blog will give you an idea of how to create a social networking site like Facebook. 

Nowadays it’s easy to build an app or website like Facebook, all you need is an open-source script of social networking software.

How does Facebook make money?

Facebook is not only making money from the content or through the user base. Facebook’s revenue generation is through its targeted advertisements and from other applications provided by third parties and makes billions through digital advertising. Facebook earned about $40 billion from advertising revenue. 

  • Targeted Advertisements

Facebook has an enormous amount of data on its user base which includes what all they are interested in and follows. This makes Facebook sell advertisements according to user interests. Advertisers can use tools like Dynamic Ads to market their products to different users. The targeted advertisement is a significant revenue generator for Facebook.

  • Self-Serving Advertisements

Self-serving advertisements enable anyone to create their on ads. You can see the self-serve advertisements on the right side of the Facebook page. Facebook has an Ads manager page to help advertisers to create ads and there are tools to ensure the ad reached the targeted audience. 

  • Data Generation

Data Generation is the main source of Facebook income. Facebook has 2.45 billion monthly users. 

  • Video Ads

Facebook is making video ads in the signature video platform. The daily watch time has grown by more than four times in the last year. We have seen that some of the videos will play after a skippable video ad. Facebook had made deals with content creators to promote the video. 

  • Facebook Mobile

Facebook’s mobile app becomes the biggest money-making digital tool with 85% of ad revenues. Facebook is exploring new advertising platforms as mobile advertising grows on an annual basis. 

How to create a Social Networking Platform like Facebook?

iScripts SocialWare is a peerless social networking script that enables you to create your own social networking platform. Social media websites will connect people with their close ones as well as new people where they can also post whatever they need, like or share, message or call. This social media script is integrated with many features to fulfill the flourishing demand of startups, entrepreneurs, and organizations for social network websites. 

This Facebook clone Script allows you to build a Facebook clone social portal with widespread features and tools like Multilevel Administration, Friends Management, Invite Contacts, Internal Messaging, Blog, Chat, Discussion Boards, Contact Groups, Gift Shop, Powerful Search, Event Management, Classifieds and more.

What will be the benefit if you have a dedicated development team to build your business?

To know more about social networking script check the iScripts SocialWare demo.

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