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April Customer Spotlight: Exit Interview

by Mariya Parackal
Exit Interview

It is often said that one must work in layers for a business to turn in to a success. This often involves working with multiple tiers of your company’s employees- from those in manegerial position to the ones in delivery and logistics.

What is Exit Interview App?

Exit Interview App is a platform designed to collect feedback from customers about the service and experience at local businesses. It helps foster one-to-one relationship with the customers and receive insights on customer satisfaction and the services of the company. Their services include prooviding exit interviews to end customers of takeaways, catering services, deliveries, hosting parties, and special events.

Exit Interview App is available in iOS and Android and is developed to build and maintain communication with customers. It enables business owners to gather both positive (and negative) feedback which in turn will facilitate import business decisions.

This pocket-friendly app will permit business owners to gain recognition through good reviews thus strengthening customer relations. Bad reviews will throw light on the grey areas and help the owners to fix them, thus making the customers happy as they feel valued.

How Does Exit Interview App Work?

Exit Interview is designed for small businesses. Exit interview app is for managing the customer’s experience by using the AWS Rekognition technology which can detect and recognize text from the bill images, such as total amount, order details, bill date, and time while starting the interview process. Here Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a vital role, as it provides the ability to automatically learn and improve from experience without being explicitly programmed.

The app has an objective, subjective and inquiring questions that will help the owners to stay connected with the customers. The business owners can promote business by fetching the reports and provide likewise offers to their customers. The app will build a strong retail presence with the help of real-time data to ensure the staff is on track and following the instructions.

The point system will attract more customers and the app will be attractive as it will use emoji, photos, and written feedback. The app will also be less time-consuming to ensure the user enjoys the experience.

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Exit Interview App: How does it work?

The application is mainly designed to improve the customer experience which is vital for a businesses to flourish in the current market scenario. Customers can provide their feedback on the services received by answering a questionnaire consisting of five questions to a maximum that can be answered using simple emoticons and yes or no. This particular step is crucial in understanding the current trends of the customers and to rate the business performance and improving them accordingly.

The AWS Rekognition is a cloud-based API SaaS platform developed by Amazon that is used for analyzing an image or video file stored in Amazon S3. In the Exit Interview platform, AWS Rekognition is used to analyze the bill images that are uploaded by the customers on delivery. The total order amount, order details, billing invoice number, date, and time of issue are all elements that are recognized by the AWS interface used in the app. The AI interface helps the application to perform automatically without having it to be explicitly coded.

Each time a customer uploads the image of a bill and completes the feedback survey they are rewarded with points that are redeemable and can also receive special discounts or some fun experiences. As part of healthy customer relations, the company can also contact the users through the app to thank them for the feedback and encourage them to engage with your business again.

Exit Interview Homepage Screen

The application is not just limited to customer experience-related activities but is also viable to e used as a measure of employee performance and revenue details in the form of illustrations such as charts and graphs. Exit Interview App is available for both desktop and smart devices compatible on both iOS and Android OS-operated systems.

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