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Evolution of Marketplaces

by Sheri Levitt

marketplaceThe definition of a marketplace has evolved over time. Marketplaces now take on different forms and meanings. From Amazon Marketplace to Sears Marketplaces to the iTunes app store, marketplaces have different values. We took a look at some of the most popular online marketplaces.

Amazon Marketplace is a marketplace where sellers can list various products that are new and used next to Amazon’s regular products. Amazon will then charge the customer’s credit card and send the payments to the seller. There are two types of accounts; an individual account and a professional seller account which costs a subscription fee. There are sales fees charged on both types of accounts including commissions as well as a closing fee.

Sears Marketplace is a community where vendors can advertise or sell products on any of the site’s owner by Sears. Sears even has a program where they will fulfill the order and sell the product for you. To advertise through Sears Marketplace, you just pay per click for Sears redirecting traffic to your site, similar to an online marketing campaign. If you would like to sell directly on sears, there is a monthly fee as well as a commission rate which fluctuates based on what part of the site they are sold on. Finally, if you would like your products to be fulfilled by Sears, there is the standard monthly subscription charge, commission on products when they sell, and an additional fee for monthly storage which changes based on how much space your product takes up along with the time of year.

The iTunes App store is great for developers and entrepreneurs who would like to sell their apps on the largest e-commerce store out there. iTunes charges a yearly fee to list any apps as well as a commission rate. If you have a great idea for an app, this is a great outlet and the reward can pay off.

Even niche marketplaces for gourmet food are currently trending. High quality, healthier foods can also come with large price tags. Another niche marketplace that has been extremely successful is antique furniture sales. Marketplaces can require time and energy to get started, but after the initial stages, there is little maintenance. Also, the startup costs are relatively low.

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