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Even More Customer Success Stories

by Sheri Levitt

Ever wonder what will happen after you purchase one of our scripts? Besides gaining full open source software at a fraction of what’s considered to be the usual cost, you also have the freedom of flexibility and the opportunity to start, manage and expand your online business the way you see fit.

For example, iScripts MultiCart has been used by customers as a way to inspire education, connect new mothers, fulfill artistic passions, and even support a mission to cultivate a healthy community. We take pride in knowing that our customers use our scripts to create real and meaningful online ventures. View some of the following websites to see just how versatile our multi-vendor software is:


Classroom 2 Classroom

Classroom 2 Classroom website Screen Shot

Our specialists customized iScripts MultiCart to give classroom libraries and teachers the means to buy and sell books among each other!
By using the site, teachers have the ability to build a classroom library or add to an existing library. Books can be bundled by theme, Lexile Measure, DRA, grade level, Common Core or other reading standards.  Libraries and teachers can sell unused or gently used children’s literature, while also sharing knowledge.

The Baby Burp

The Baby Burp website screenshot

Oh, baby! This live and bouncing online marketplace serves as a means for buyers to connect with sellers of all products for soon-to-be and new mothers. Unique handcrafted items and affiliate goods for baby gear, clothing, keepsakes, nursing, and playtime make this not just a one-stop online shop, but also a thriving community of moms.

Creative Arts Exchange

Creative Arts Exchange website screenshot


iScripts MultiCart was also used to develop a creative art exchange where a passionate artist can efficiently buy or sell art resources and materials, share original resources such as activities, lesson plans, games, images, illustrations, information, songs, music, or any other related material they have written, created or used. Creative Arts Exchange is a place where creative arts professionals can not only share their ideas but also have the opportunity to be rewarded for their effort!

My Farmers Market

My Farmers Market website screenshot

On a mission to strengthen the local food system and improve access to nutritious, affordable food, My Farmers Market works hard to recruit farmers and entrepreneurs in your local area so you can be confident that the products you purchase are the freshest available. This is an inexpensive opportunity for small-scale and home-based farmers to sell their homemade, homegrown and self-produced products to shoppers everywhere!