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Etsy Clone Script

by Mariya Parackal
etsy clone script

Etsy is an online marketplace for artists to sell handcrafted items and art supplies based out of New York. It allows users to create their own portfolios in the main art marketplace.

Looking for a way to create a site like Etsy? By using an Etsy clone, you can create an affordable and fully customizable marketplace and start to see profit quickly.

What will your Etsy clone script need to possess? The most important is an effective method for you to make money as the site administrator.  There are many other features your site will require for success such as a variety of payment and shipping options, reviews, ratings, feedback, and automated processes.

How to Build a Platform like Etsy Marketplace?

Are you planning to build an eCommerce site like Etsy? This blog will give an idea of how to create a multi-vendor marketplace like Etsy. 

It’s hard to construct an online marketplace without any knowledge in programming, capital, and other requirements. There are many options to build an eCommerce store but building a marketplace with all its variables is a whole different ball game. All these are even harder if you are from a non-technical background. You can still go for in-house development if you have capital to hire the right people, mage them and develop a proper MVP. This might take time and money but it would give a greater experience and better grasp of the technical aspects of your marketplace.

There are a few other options available too, but none compare to the Etsy clone of iScripts MultiCart.  Equipped with PayPal split payments and flexible code all your own, the script is an all-in-one solution with the capabilities needed to create a full and professional multi-vendor site. Bonus features include an integrated affiliate marketing program, newsletter capability, and more. Host it on your existing site or use it alone as a turnkey solution.

An open-source Etsy clone script is all you will ever need to build a multi-vendor marketplace of your own. 

Open Source Etsy Clone Script

Etsy Clone script
Launch a website like etsy.com using PHP opensource Etsy clone

Etsy was created so that all artisans will have a single place to buy and sell their products. With the Etsy Clone Script you can start a business similar to Etsy, which helps users sell handmade and crafted items or even expand the platform to have any time of goods- similar to Amazon.

The clone script has all the features that you ever need from a marketplace. There will be robust administrative panel for you to manage all aspects of the website while users – including customers and suppliers will get their own unique dashboard to find orders and manage inventory respectively. The clone script is also multi-device compactible, with availability in both web and mobile.

You can monetize your platform via Ads or by charging a transaction fee. Etsy charges users a listing of $0.20 and a commission of 3.5% on the successful transaction. Read about the things you need to know before starting an eCommerce business.

There are few Etsy clone marketplaces created in different verticals. The good thing of using a clone script is that you can customize it however you need with very little effort.

How Etsy become Successful?

Etsy is an entirely different platform compared to Amazon and eBay. Etsy platform only consists of art, craftworks, and handmade items. This business idea gives Etsy a positive approach. 

etsy clone script

Some of the specialties of the Etsy clone website are:

  • It has tempting aesthetics
  • Encourages social shopping 
  • Minor problems don’t shut down the site
  • It has a personal approach towards customer service 
  • Customers will get personalized newsletters
  • It will maintain credibility

How does Etsy work?

Creating a listing cost a low fee on Etsy. If the item is not sold after 4 months of listing then the seller can renew the listing with a fee. Buyers will search for keywords, shops, categories, and regularly features on the homepage. When an item is sold, Etsy takes a small percentage of profit and the sale amount is deposited in the seller’s account. Sellers will calculate the shipping cost and buyers will leave feedback on the seller’s page. Check on Etsy’s success gives rise to credibility.

How does Etsy make money?

  • Etsy charges to list items. And it’s valid for 4 months
  • Etsy charges a commission for every sale. It will take about 3.5% percent of the commission.
  • Special features like advertising featured products are available for sellers.

Features of Etsy Marketplace

  • Only unique product listing will be accepted by Etsy
  • Global shopping is possible in Etsy
  • Merchants can create their shop
  • Every seller has a feedback section to help buyers
  • Multiple payment gateways are available
  • 86% of Etsy users are women
etsy clone script

How to create an online marketplace like Etsy?

To create an online marketplace like Etsy, you have to consider some of the buyer and seller features.  It is best if you can find a software that incorporates all the features of a platform like Etsy, while at the same time flexible enough to upgrade and grow as your marketplace grows.

Buyer Features

  • Create and manage your personal profile
  • Need filters to search by location, rate, etc
  • Option to choose the quantity, size, and color
  • Manage payment options
  • Rate and review items
  • User mobile app

Seller Features

  • Create and manage seller profile
  • List the items for sale
  • Communicate with your buyers
  • Choose payment methods

Today, to build an online marketplace like Etsy has become much easier by using an open-source clone script. iScripts Multicart is our clone script solution that can be used to build robust online marketplaces. You don’t have to stick to just Etsy, you can build a platform like Amazon or even Alibaba. The open-source nature as well as superior features of the script helps you do this very easily.

You can create a multi-vendor marketplace website like Etsy.com using the Etsy clone script- iScripts Multicart. This is an open-source multi-vendor marketplace software to create an online marketplace in your industry. Click the link below to view a live demo of the software and learn how to launch a marketplace like Etsy.com using it.

Check out iScripts MultiCart

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Hi! Thank you very much for that information. Do you have website examples that use iScripts Multicart? Thank you very much. Best regards

admin December 5, 2012 - 11:58 am

We have some sample sites using iScripts Multicart at https://www.iscripts.com/listshowcases.php

caroline June 27, 2013 - 3:22 am

thanks for sharing the clone script which one helps to build a website like etsy. can you please share the advantages of your etsy clone. Because I need more details about your clone script. can i make any revenue by using this clone script.

Etsy Clone June 27, 2013 - 3:23 am

what are the features of your etsy clone?


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