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How to Build, Launch and Grow a Profitable Online Store?

by Milan Mathew

Do you want to build a profitable online eCommerce store?

For entrepreneurs, eCommerce is a big ocean to dive in and reap out. As everyone knows, eCommerce is an experimental adventure.

The key ingredients to keeping a sustainable e-commerce business are to understand the perspectives of the people who are fans of online shopping.

Grow a Profitable Online Store

Now getting to the basics,

Why do people shop online?

  • Easier
  • Saves time
  • Options feel limitless and customized

And Why do people fear to shop online?

  • Afraid about the quality of goods
  • Trust with the brand
  • After-sales support

E-commerce refers to the facilitation of trading in products through the internet – something we are all accustomed to by now. Online shopping websites created for direct sales to customers is the most commonly employed e-commerce business model.

Grow a Profitable Online Store

It has been said that the current form of e-commerce started back in the year of 1971 when it was used to arrange cannabis sales between students at the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In 2019, e-commerce growth soared sky-high on its own when more than 500 million SKU’s were sold in the US. E-commerce has sure come a long way through the years!

This growth rate might make your eyes widen in anticipation of a goldmine. Know that the easiest method for starting an e-commerce business using iScripts Multi-Vendor Shopping Cart and see the examples of Multicart.

We are pleased to announce a new and improved multi-vendor shopping cart full of the most-wanted features and functionalities similar to the biggest players in the e-commerce market. Here are the benefits of multi-store shopping cart software for your eCommerce Business

The new iScripts Multicart POD integrated version has now finally been released! The script now will work seamlessly on PHP 7.0 and lower versions. More enhancements and bug fixings have been completed as part of the new version release.

Over time, people have experimented with their habits and given online shopping a shot, and the results have transformed into what you see today. Amazon and BestBuy stuck with their core belief of solving the issues that people faced while shopping online and that’s the secret of success.

Be it having a good user interface that is easy for users to understand and navigate, the products/goods which are to be sold, inventory management, shipping, and after all delivery. The major retail giants approached all these small challenges in a unique way and today we are talking about drones delivering goods at your doorstep, under 3 hours from checkout.

The possibilities are endless but to start, we have to work from the ground up. The technology that handles e-commerce transactions should never break because it is equivalent to trading stocks in the stock market the only difference in e-commerce is it is much more physically complex than the stocks.

How to Start Your Own eCommerce Marketplace?

iScripts MultiCart helps to start your own marketplace easily. Once you install the platform on your servers, you can start by adding sellers who can sell their products to buyers in the marketplace. The success of a marketplace depends on the niche and marketing.   It is very hard to compete directly with the likes of Amazon or Walmart marketplaces. But you can be the Amazon of X.

Grow a Profitable Online Store
Grow a Profitable Online Store

Grow a Profitable Online Store

As opposed to traditional shopping carts, iScripts Multicart is designed specifically to help entrepreneurs to launch large marketplaces like Etsy, and Amazon marketplace.

Grow a Profitable Online Store

If you are planning to build an e-commerce website there here is the list of Must-Have Features for E-Commerce Website

iScripts MultiCart: Mobile App

Mobile Apps are available for Merchants as well as Visitors.  The Seller Application is for sellers to add, manage their products and orders. At the same time, this would also enable all the buyers to view your products, browse and purchase them.

Grow a Profitable Online Store

If you have more questions about how to grow an online business contact us at (312) 423-6728 or email to sales@iscripts.com

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