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How to Attract Early Users for Your New Social Networking Site

by Kathy Hill

This is a question we get every day from people creating social networking websites using iScripts Socialware.

You have a great idea and created a wonderful social networking website.

What next?

We tried to explain the stages of creating and growing the social networking sites in a free white paper called – How to start and grow your social networking website.

The one best way to attract people to your social network is through fresh and new content. If your content is relevant with high quality and unique structure then your site gets visitors automatically and these visitors can be your regular readers. 

If you want your social network site to succeed then it must be different from others. By its first look, people must be aware of what is your site for. Tell your visitors what benefits will they get when they register in your community. 

The use of hashtags has the power to connect with a lot of your readers. It can also boost the traffic to your site. Every action you take can make a visitor to a regular reader.

For promoting your social network to large users then try to exchange links with other websites, you can take the option of advertising, change your signature in emails and so on. 

The members of your social network is the best referral tool to get much more result to your website. The recommendation from one to another is far more effective than paid advertising. Ensure your network is offering what they really looking for. And this can make your database more larger.

If your network is having the more creative, most informative and highly engaging content then that is the best solution to increase your traffic. If you are posting something then just be sure about the images and descriptions you have given corresponding to your posts. You can use CTA to drive the traffic back to your website. 

You can also go for targeted ads offered by social media platforms. Here you can target a specific geographical area and can arrange as who all should see and not see the posts that you have shared. Using the analytical tools you can find that who all viewed and clicked any of the links you have provided. 

I just came across an article on Mashable on the same subject and found some interesting concepts and examples. Take a look at the Mashable article for examples of how successful social networks like Facebook, Foursquare, Tumblr, and Twitter were when they started out.

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