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The Ultimate e-Commerce Store-builder and its Possibilities

by Milan Mathew

Online storefronts are an upcoming necessity for small and large scale businesses. Creating an effective website to conduct business online has made a big impact on the way business generate income and produce a profit. Easiness in management and customer satisfaction are also on a completely new level.

Even with the exponential increase in the digitalization of businesses, there are no easier ways for people to get what want. Businesses still need to seek advice and ask for a great deal of help from developers, hosting companies and all other tech-savvy individuals to get their websites created and ideas realized. In this process arises a demand for a relatively new type of technology and business model. Although established through giants like Shopify.com and Volusion.com, the market is comparatively fresh and still open for a good competition. This is primarily aimed at niche web design and hosting companies. But it can also serve the purpose for determined rookies in this business.

In this business model, you will be aiming to help budding entrepreneurs who would like to go online with their businesses and online stores, but with no or as little hassle as possible. To be the right option, you need to save their time in buying a domain name, suitable hosting plans, setting up a shopping cart, installing, and configuring all other parts in and out of usual processes. The returns in this model are through subscription-plans for the store building services you offer.

Standard online stores should mandatory have the following parts: an attractive user-interface and a powerful admin panel to manage every aspect of the website, but limited in technical contents. The users shall be able to easily add products and manage content through the panel. Even further, the support for various payment gateways and shipping and related activities are must-have features. Finally, security in transactions, end-user data and reliability are a few more things that can never be compromised. Making all these available with minimum effort for the end users is the abstract of this business idea.

A branded and hosted shopping cart solution to be created within a few clicks of the button and the flexibility you offer musters a great deal of small and middle scale businesses. The technical burden they expect is nullified by the solution you can offer and this will be a huge boost for the leads who may be reluctant to try the solution you are introducing.

Given an idea about the customer side of this besides, let’s have a look at what is under the hood. Of course, this is fairly a big venture, both in technical and from the functional point of view. The investment and resources required are heavy since you offer more than just a website. You need a secure hosting server for all the stores which requires a good monitoring for perfect functioning, a foolproof system to manage the store building operations, registration of domains, allotting hosting space and an overall system that let you configure and control these processes and manage finances.

With iScripts GoStores, this is a lot easier. In fact, not just easier, but this ready-to-go solution can quickly let you set up this business system without any need for your own programming knowledge. You would not want to worry about development hours to be spent on forging the ultimate script to manage the users, servers, finance and all other aspects of your system. This script is a complete e-commerce platform for your online store-builder business.

For automatic registration of domains, you will be requiring a Domain Reseller account from ENOM and a hosting server. A Linux based VPS server would be recommended from a good hosting provider. With these few resources, you can have a good start in the store-builder business because, with the iScripts GoStores, you are already halfway ahead of your competitors.

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If you are already a customer of iScripts and have purchased this software within the last 12 months, you may download the latest version from your iScripts control panel.  Allow your customers to build online storefronts with their inventory fully displayed using the online store builder software, iScripts GoStores!

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