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How to Develop a Marketplace App like OfferUp?

by Mariya Parackal
build an app like offerup

In almost all our houses, there are things of not much use. It consumes space in our home as it does not have any purpose. Hence, all of us dream of making the house clutter-free as we don’t know to get rid of these unwanted things, which are taking up space.
A great of getting rid of this selling these items and making some money; however, most of us do not want to take the pain of arranging for a garage sale. OfferUp comes in handy in these situations.

Being an app-based program concerning garage sale, it facilitates decluttering of your house and provides you with an opportunity for making some quick bucks. OfferUp is a perfect choice for buyers who are interested in local competitive deals of used things. 

What is OfferUp?

Apps based on buying and selling activities are common, but the Offerup app builds a marketplace based on reliability, trust, and loyalty. Hence, if you are looking for apps that deal with buying and selling, you must consider visiting OfferUp

The most fantastic thing about it is a user-friendly, easy to use the app. Hence, Offerup is the best place to get started with your buying and selling experience. One can use this app conveniently with a smartphone and gain digital experience for purchasing and selling items.

The demand for using Offerup is rising day by day. Although the competition was fierce, Offerup has surpassed its competitors, such as Swapit, Carrousel, and Letgo, and witness success in a short time.

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Therefore, the app, right after its launch, won many hearts of people with its dynamic features. People are finding it extremely easy and connecting easily with this app. The step by step method enables the users to use this application with ease and convenience. 

How does OfferUp App work?

Now that we have known about this app, let’s proceed to understand how does this app function. 

The digital market is hugely competitive, and numbers are all that matters here. As soon as this app was launched, it earned fame from its first day. The reason behind such popularity is the simple method of working of Offerup. 

The buyers get connected with the sellers via the Offerup application. One can easily buy items as several new products are posted every day.

Irrespective of whether you are using this app for selling or purchasing products, the most attractive thing about this app is one can use it free. That is the reason why this app makes one of the best buying and selling apps. 

Buyers get the opportunity to browse through several items posted locally, send queries if any, save the ones that they like, and share offers using this mobile-friendly user platform. 

Sellers, on the other hand, can add a simple description of their products and post the photos of the saleable items. Hence, the app creates a trustworthy marketplace, thus offering the buyers and sellers to transact from the comforts of their home. 

How does OfferUp make money?

People might wonder how does Offerup makes money because the strategies adopted by this app are not similar to the other applications. There are multiple sources for revenue generation, which are as follows: 

  • Some might believe that applications like Offerup cannot make money as there are no charges associated with this app; however, there is no reason this. Although sellers can indeed list their products free on this app, they have to pay a service fee for registering their items. Moreover, transaction fees are charged for every sale, which is 7.9% percent of the sale amount of an object.
  • Another way that helps Offerup to generate revenue, and it happens when a seller purchases promote option using which more number of buyers can see your product, thus helping you to promote your product.
  • To avail the benefits of the featured placement, one can invest in support plus, which enables you to support any of your products continuously without any interruption. Being a monthly subscription program, you can cancel it whenever you’d like to. 
  • Whenever the sellers sell their items using this app, they must pay a service fee, which amounts to 9.9% on the final product sold prices. 
  • The success of Offerup has made its renowned app with investors. The company has managed to collect $372 million so far from various investors, such as GCV Capital, Warburg Pincus, Tiger Global, and T. Rowe Price.

Business Model of OfferUp

Most of these apps, such as Offerup, LetGo, and Carousell, create marketplaces that have lots of common things, and thus they have similar types of business models. 

Signing up on Offerup is free, and users can post advertisements for free on this app. Furthermore, these apps do not charge any money and allow extensive use for both the buyer and seller. The founders of this app give a lot of services free of cost to the users. 

Key Features of OfferUp App

Offerup provides you with essential features that make it best bet for the users looking for a garage sale app.

  • Builds Trust: One of the greatest fear that users of this have once they start using this app, they can be exposed to scams. Offerup’s unique feature Try Your Verification helps to build trust between the parties. The Verification process helps in identity verification and thus aiding the users to use the interface with zero risks.
  • The messaging system used by both the users is secured, thus enabling the user to interact with each other regarding products and purchases without revealing any personal data. Also, the app does no use a messaging system that asks for confidential information relating to users’ bank accounts. 
  • As soon as a transaction is finished, the users can rate the experience using a rating system. 

How to build an app like OfferUp?

Some people might find the revenue model is complex, but it is worthwhile. The revenue system has made the company to flourish, thus maximizing their net worth. 

So, if you are planning to build an app like OfferUp then here is a unique multi-vendor shopping cart software. The software helps you to create your online eCommerce marketplace with multiple vendors. OfferUp clone script works as same as Etsy or Amazon.

iScripts Multicart is a multi-vendor shopping cart with an administrator panel where you can manage sellers, products, payments, affiliates, and buyers.

Now you got the idea to build an app like OfferUp. Before you build your app know about the tips for building an online business.

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