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Dedicated Development Team Model for Next Generation Projects

by Milan Mathew

Long gone are those days when a developer used to work on multiple projects at the same time. This method lead to a lot of problems, especially with quality of products. In this situation, managers are under tremendous pressure to deliver and developers push on, demotivated. Seeing as to how there are plenty of issues with this setup, dedicated team development overcomes such problems.


What Is a Dedicated Team?
A Dedicated Development Team is a business approach to Mobile Application and Web Application Development. In this model, there is a client, the outsourced company and the employees – a dedicated testing team. The outsourced corporation acts as a center guy, finding employees so that it will have the ability to finish the project assigned by the client and meet their requirements completely. we would name this a model of personnel assignment. This version is typically used for long-term projects, where necessities are doubtful and scope changes regularly. it is also used when the client’s very own team lacks skills or expertise in precise regions. the primary aim of the dedicated team is to work seamlessly as part of customer’s group to offer best, unique and project-specific solutions.

How Does It Work?


This model is best explained through various steps:

  • The customer needs to outline what exactly he/she wants. The amount of work and timeframe determines the number of employees that are required for his project and which skills they should possess.
  • The company hires a committed team that corresponds to the project requirements. the team, collectively with the client, agree on the workload and project requirements for the desired quantity of time.
  • Experts are gathered into the team and begin work during normal hours.
  • The client has full management control over the project and team, while the dedicated team services are concentrated on providing the best results.

The Dedicated Team Advantages

The dedicated team model has a number of undeniable benefits, such as:

  • Task focus
    The proposed team is 100% concentrated on one project, moreover, they can become part of client’s company for a determined time. It helps the team not to lose the task focus and provide the best results for a client within one project.
  • Control
    The client gets the full control over the selection, motivation and management of dedicated team members. With the dedicated team model from the App Solutions, you can manage highly qualified and competent experts, project managers, equipment, resources, and infrastructure based on project requirements.
  • Flexibility and scalability
    Usually, as the scope of work is not strictly defined, requests can be changed at any time. With a dedicated team model, the client can extend the team if it becomes necessary.
  • Efficiency and speed
    Dedicated team members have a deep understanding of the client’s project and business goals. This helps the team to achieve maximum productivity and provide a client with good speed of working process. The client gets a weekly report, so he can see what has been done, what the progress and what needs to be improved.
  • Working together
    Great things are born in tight collaboration among the customer and the development team. Operating with the dedicated team you get the entire manage over the project because of the daily communication and management using web tools, e.g. Basecamp, Atlassian Jira, Skype, and so forth. Brainstorm sessions among the software group and owner are commonplace to get outcomes and to work more efficiently.

Where you should pay attention?

Despite a great number of advantages, the dedicated team model has some areas that we need to pay some attention. It is crucial for business and startup clients to understand the negatives that come with this model before they use it in their work.

  • This model has a low efficiency for short-term projects
    The model is more efficient when it applies to the long time projects. A significant amount of time allows the team to grow together. When the project has short-terms, it will be better to use another model of development. A dedicated team is supposed to be more expensive than Time & Material model. In this case, the client has the whole team at his disposal. Needless to say, that it costs a pretty penny. If you have a defined set of tasks and don’t need recruiting and administrative support, it’s better to choose Time & Material model.
  • To hire the right team can take time
    You need to be completely involved in the selection of team members process. Otherwise, the work of dedicated team will yield you disappointing results.
  • Client has to take an active role in communication and negotiation
    The client is responsible for the communication with the employees. You become a product owner in this model, so the final result depends on your coordination and management skills.

What Does This All Mean?

It is crucial to understand all pros and cons of the dedicated team model to make the right choice. This model means that the team will be entirely dedicated to achieve goals of the client but you have to be deeply involved in all working processes at the same time.


To get your own dedicated team, you need to declare your monthly budget so we can offer the appropriate solution (the number of team members that will meet your requirements on the optimal budget).

Also, you are able to exclude or to expand the number of team members according to the project needs which can vary in the development process.


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