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Best Dating Site Script to build the next Tinder!

by Aji Abraham
build app like tinder

What are the top online businesses?  Those that revolve around building relationships, connections and romance tend to rank high among all popular (and profitable) online businesses.  Do you have an opportunity in this market? Since there are many large players already hogging this market (Tinder, Bumble, eHarmony, Match.com etc) you may think you are better off choosing another business model. However, this is not necessarily the case.

Online dating is a very popular user segment that remains open to new experience each passing year. There is always space for new players as long as they bring something new, exciting and innovative to the table. For example, dating platforms like Bumble and Hinge were able to enter and thrive in to a market that seemed to have been saturated by Tinder. In fact, these might be even more popular today!

How to standout with your dating Script?

One way to compete with large established dating sites like provide something exclusive to your website or have some unique feature that is exiting to users. For example, Bumble, a dating site founded by Whitney Wolfe Herd who is was the former vice-president of Tinder, was able to capture a large part of the latter’s customers by providing a female-friendly approach. In bumble women make the first move and provides them with more say in selecting potential matches. This was something that many users liked, including men. The company is now valued at over $13 billion.

Another way to break in to the market is by operating in a niche. Build your own dating site around a niche market or a certain group of people. Nowadays, dating sites are coming up catering to certain small language groups and sexualities, understanding the specific needs and preferences.

Based on all these, it can be safely understood that there is still great deal of is there is a great deal of potential for you in dating platform – but you have to have a clear niche and properly calculate your options.

Choose the best dating site and app script

Another question that you might pondering over is the site cost. This is obviously the key to your business so you may think this is where most of your budget should go. Building a dating site and app involves a lot of variables that startups, especially in the early stages, find hard to compensate. This is not without reason. In order to standout in the crowd, as I previously mentioned, you need to provide best-in-class features and exciting user-experience. All this takes time and money, especially if you are from a non-technical background.

If you have good financial backing, you can opt to hire freelancers or permanent developers to help you with the task. You can even avail the help of an external agency. Instead, if the quote you receive from an actual developers is a far cry from what you initially expected, its better to look for other options. You cant really blame them too as a good dating site needs to incorporates top-notch features such as:

  • Intuitive and responsive UI
  • Fast interface
  • Multi-device compactability
  • Freemium subscription model
  • Profile management
  • Enhanced user security
  • Push notification features
  • Photo and video sharing
  • Interactive gifts
  • Feature rich administrative panel

If you are looking for other options that will allow you to affordably build a dating site just like eHarmony and Match.com?  iScripts CyberMatch is a premade dating site script that includes a number of features you will need to get your sating site launched at a reasonable price.

iScripts CyberMatch: Dating site software

Compete with the major dating sites by creating a dating site for a specific group or people you feel are underrepresented or not represented at all.  Key features includes in iScripts CyberMatch are an easy-to-use customer management system (CMS), built-in instant messenger which allows members to chat, photo upload ability, safe abuse reporting, multiple payment gateway options, and multiple design themes.  Enable or disable any of these features at any time. No technical expertise is required to handle the software.  This open source dating site script has no code encryption and gives you the ability to customize the site at any time in order to fit your needs.

iScripts CyberMatch is available on both web and mobile devices, and is multi-language compactible. Once you buy and install the software in your server, you can start customizing the platform based on your specific needs and requirements. All this can be done pretty easily and you can move on to the most important part- attracting users.

With the intuitive administrative panel, you can control all aspects of the website including subscriptions, user profiles, and what information you wish to share with users. The entire platform is build to be safe haven for single to find, chat and meet-up with verified ‘real’ people.

If you are in the market, this is an opportune time to launch a dating site far unlike the rest. Save money, time and startup costs by using the appropriate dating site script for your idea! Check out demo

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