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Dating Script

by Aji Abraham

Want to link and connect singles by starting your own dating site? Start your own eHarmony dating community or Match.com site by using a quality dating script.

Although it may be intimidating to think of starting your own online dating site, you will not have to compete with the big players directly if you target a specific group or niche market.  Just because you are not the largest site, you still have a lot of opportunity.  Start a site for a specific type of person, group or similar interest. Motorcycle dating sites, Gemini dating site, INFJ personality type dating site… whatever you can think of – the choices are endless.  Once you decide which type of site to create, all you need is your own hosting provider (like GoDaddy) and a dating script.

What is a dating script? Dating scripts are like pre-made websites that are easily installed on your server. Another developer made the script with all the functionality needed for a dating website.  Since you probably do not have coding experience and it can add up to be costly through most web development companies, a choice like this is optimal for you.

How do you know which script to select? One of the most important factors is taking the future into consideration. What is you want to change the site later or add features? Many available options seem like good choices until this point. to save yourself time (and a LOT of cost) later, make sure your software or dating script is open source.

iScripts Cybermatch is an open source dating script that includes a wide variety of built-in features, making it the perfect all-in-one dating site software. Key features include an easy-to-use customer management system (CMS), built-in instant messenger which allows members to chat, photo upload ability, safe abuse reporting, multiple payment gateway options, and multiple design themes.

No technical experience is required. As an added plus, the affordable dating site software will allow you to devote more of your financials and attention to marketing your site to prospective customers. iScripts Cybermatch is among one of the best website scripts offered within the dating site industry.

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