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New iScripts Customizations This Month

by Ashley Zimmerman

iScripts NetMenus Customization – Web, iOS App and Android App, URL: www.2orders.com

2 Orders is a dynamic service which allows customers to place takeout and delivery orders online. The simple, yet customizable ordering process provides them with all information usually needed to place an order at participating establishments, yet includes added convenience. Gone are the annoyances of searching for a menu or calling a busy restaurant. 2 Orders is interactive and fun, providing users with options when searching and allowing them to name “Favorites” to use again for quick and easy reference in a future order. 2 Orders also offers customized search features that can pinpoint desired restaurants, cuisines, and foods using your set preferences.

As a part of phase 2 customization, the following features have been included in the 2 Orders platform:

  • Review and Rating Removal – Ability for the administrator to remove the user submitted reviews and ratings.
  • Ban and Limit User Reviews – Ability for administrator to ban user reviews on restaurants and users will not be able to post multiple reviews on the same restaurants.
  • Customer Reports – An option for the administrator to access customer reports similar to the sales reports.
  • Graphic Design Changes – New look and feel of the site requested by the site administrator.

iScripts NetMenus Customization (Android & iOS App)

The 2 Orders mobile applications are connected to and interact with with the standard 2 Orders website. Customers can download the dedicated mobile applications for their chosen mobile platform. These will duplicate the function of the main website. These applications will be made available from the primary marketplace of their mobile platform, namely the Google Play Store or the Apple AppStore.

Restaurant order app

iScripts CyberMatch Customization URL: www.malibusocialclub.com

Malibu Social Club is an online dating space for the users in and out of the Malibu area. It will incite the engagement of its users by pairing together members of common interest. All the users registered with the website will undergo a verification process, requiring them to be vetted by the website administrator.

As a part of Phase 2, new features have been added to better reflect the vision of Malibu Social Club as an exclusive community looking to connect, meet, and travel with people whose profiles are screened and vetted. Revisions to Registration and Membership features have made the Malibu Social Club a “by-invitation-only” community. Revisions were also made to the layout in order to reflect a consistently polished and high-end look and feel that is responsive, even when changing from a desktop to tablet to a mobile layout. Highlights of the user experience include features for travel, connections and recommendations based on interests and location.

social networking software

iScripts SocialWare Customization URL: www.cei4christ.com

Cei4Christ is an online social networking site for the Christian community. As a part of customization, many additional features have been included in the website. Major additions include:

  • Bread Basket Module – This is a feature similar to classifieds, but acts as a directory for scriptures.
  • Share Scripture – An option for users to share any scripture with friends and on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and more.
  • Donate – An option for users to initiate monetary donations, along with a report sections for the same.

Hotel reservation software

Project Name: Kwik Beauty

Kwik Beauty is an online portal used by customers to book appointments with top-rated professionals within the beauty industry. Kwik Beauty allows vendors to list their beauty services on the website, just by signing up. Customers who visit the website can easily book a service by making online payments, or just make a usual payment when in-person at the salon.

As a part of an additional customization phase, a dedicated blog has been created and linked to Kwik Beauty, along with a Contact Us page which has been added to the website. This will allow online customers to send in questions by simply submitting the provided form.

Peer to peer software

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