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Customink Clone Software – Try the best T-Shirt Design Script

by Aji Abraham
Customink alternative

CustomInk is an online T-shirt merchant. They allow people to design their own designs in T-shirts, hats, and other logo wear. Once you design your T-shirt you can purchase as many copies as you like. They feature an online lettering software, where users can add the text and designs.

customink clone script

If you are a screen printing press or want to create your own online T-shirt business then Customink clone software from iScripts PrintLogic will help you. Print Logic allows you to create an e-commerce store for T-shirts, banners, brochures, and signs.

How to build an online t-shirt printing website with CustomInk Clone?

Are you planning to build an online t-shirt printing website?

This blog will give you an idea about how to create an online t-shirt store using online design and printing software.

iScripts PrintLogic enables you to create custom designs and users have the option to make changes. They also have the option to choose from the templates and users can make payments through multiple payment gateways.

Increase your online sales using the tips and even start your own business or app.

Features of CustomInk Clone Script

  • PrintLogic is a built-in shopping cart
  • Social Network Integrations
  • Multi-sided editing option
  • Administration panel
  • Pre-designed templates
  • Multiple payment gateways
  • Shipping solutions

For more features visit PrintLogic features.

This online design and printing software is implemented for t-shirt makers and also supports other web to print businesses. If you are stuck in your business know about online printing business ideas.

The Custom Ink Story

This is the era for customized goods, especially apparel. Customized apparel is mainly used as part of branding campaigns for businesses and companies worldwide. Custom Ink is one of the first-introduced online retail companies that makes custom apparels including t-shirts and sweatshirts.

Founded in 1999, the concept of Custom Ink was designed by former college classmates, Dave Christensen, Marc Katz, and Mike Driscoll. Mike Driscoll had already begun with the working of the earliest versions of the customink.com website.

By the time, Marc Katz, then a Wall Street employee, reached out to Mike he already had a few eager customers who were interested in creating customized products. This discussion led, Dave Christensen to join the company and finally led to the idea of going online as a legitimate business enterprise.

March 2000, marked the official launch of Custom Ink with a small team of designers. The company’s core values, “The Golden Rule, Ownership and Innovation” was officially announced in 2003. By the year 2005, Custom Ink gained the 55th position among the 500 fastest-growing private businesses in the United States.

Working of Custom Ink

With a huge passion for printing and being in the business for over 20 years, the Custom Ink team has learned a thing or two through their journey. A business that began with printing on t-shirts and sweatshirts is now no more restricted to the former two. Custom Ink also provides customized design printing on bags, drinkware, koozies, tech accessories, hats, stationery, footwear, and many more. The customization services are available in three different options.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is the most widely opted option by Custom Ink customers counting up to 90 percent of the orders. This conventional method is the so far best and manually done printing method.

Screen Printing

The design is made into a form of a stencil and is layered on the t-shirt based on the colors. Each color will have a separate stencil prepared by the design experts at Custom Ink. Since this process is performed manually, it can be used on uneven structures like bottles, mugs, flasks, and koozies. So if you want your designs to be as vibrant and exactly perfect, screen printing is the best option to go for.

Digital Printing

As the name suggests, digital printing is done with the help of a computer and printing equipment that prints the selected design on the product. Designs that include heavy and precise detailing like in photographs or sophisticated logo designs, digital printing is your bae. The design will be directly printed on the clothing straight from the computer.

Digital Printing

Digital printing is a good option to choose for a high number of printable goodies but can be restricted to clothing such as t-shirts and sweatshirts as the printer works on even surfaces.


To give your customized apparel a handmade touch, selecting the embroidery option is the best. Our embroidery specialists will provide your customized clothing with intricate and multi-colored thread works giving it a classic and classy look to go for. This option will require a minimum order due to its need for higher hours of workmanship.

Embroidery works at Custom Ink

As seen above, all the three options work well, if the design is also equally great. Here at Custom Ink, the website offers a plethora of templates and designs that can help you to create your custom designs even without having any technical knowledge in designing. All you need is a creative mind! You can also upload your designs or take the assistance of the Custom Ink design team to assist you for recreating your preferred design.

The team then goes through an array of reviews for every order at each stage of its production to make sure of the quality of the design and product used. In case of any defects, the team will make sure to recreate the same again. Custom Ink also provides an option to give away samples of the product to the customers in case of bulk productions. The products will be delivered within two weeks from the date of placing the order and in special cases can also be delivered to the customers in a 3-day window.

Custom Ink has brought in a new era of business couture with many new entrepreneurs coming up with online printing startups. If you are also looking into beginning an online printing business, the web is flooded with such online t-shirt design software that you can easily download and install for your business.

Most of these online design and printing software come with an open-source script software that aids in customizing your business website according to your preferences.

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