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Customers Using iScripts Software As-Is

by Ashley Zimmerman

Need a cost-effective solution to create a startup or enhance an existing business or organization? We have plenty of options, even for those on a budget.

The following examples consist of businesses who simply purchased iScripts software (one-time fee) and began creating their website without any additional customization work or modification. While we do offer customization services, not all customers require changes. Our software packages are turnkey solutions, including everything necessary to get your site off the ground and flourishing. Keep in mind that a technical background or programming experience is never required to use iScripts’ software solutions. All these points combined create the perfect option for startups, entrepreneurs and small-medium sized businesses looking to make their budget go as far as possible.

Product: iScripts MultiCart  – ArtizenBox

Artizenbox is an online marketplace selling a wide range of products, from apparel to jewelry and artifacts to home decor. Every product in the Artizenbox boutique is hand-picked with you in mind:  Home Decor, Leather Wrap bracelets, Girl’s and Boy’s clothing and accessories, crochet hats, photography prints, decorative wreaths and more. Online users can order all of these high-quality handmade products by completing online payments. The site features a blog, “Top Picks” and a Giveaways section.

Multi vendor shopping cart software

Product: iScripts MultiCart URL: www.madgerbil.com

MadGerbil is a one-stop store for games, movies, music, and software shopping needs. MadGerbil offers a large list of products from which users can select their favorite items. Apart from that, users can view and purchase the best quality items from different sellers or even set up their own shop.

Both these sites were created using one of our flagship products, iScripts MultiCart.

Multicart software

Features of these websites include all the main features already incorporated into our turnkey software package. These include:

Multi-Currency & Multi-Lingual Capability, delivery, Payment Gateways, Shipping Methods, Google AdSense, Gift Car, and Refund Capability, “Favorites” List, Coupon Code Functionality, Optional Affiliate Program, and more.

In addition, you can generate additional revenue by selling your own products.

This is all made possible with your one-time purchase of iScripts MultiCart.

Try the DEMO here

Want to see more sites created from iScripts MultiCart? Take a look at our online Portfolio.

For more information or questions related to how you can take advantage of iScripts software and services, contact us at (312) 423-6728.

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