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Web customer survey script – iScripts.com EasyWebSurvey

by Aji Abraham

How do you know, what somebody wants? Ask them. It’s that simple. But ask yourself, how often you talk to web customers? How often you ask their opinion about the products you have? And about the products, you don’t have?

Here is a small, yet powerful script for you to ask your customers, your site visitors what they want, how they like something, and what else what they want.

This script is called iScripts.com EasyWebSurvey.  Once you finish create the questionnaire you need to contact your potential audience. You have two options. One provides a link from your web page requesting your customer/ potential customer to take the survey. Or you can send the survey by email.

You can import your mailing list from a database, excel spreadsheet or cut and paste. You send the survey to your mailing and ask them to take a survey. They can respond and submit from their email client itself. No need to login to your site for doing so.

You can have one mailing list per survey or share the mailing list from survey to survey. Once the survey is completed, you, the administrator will have the aggregate information in very nice graphic reports. Of course, you can drill down to more details, with a click of a button.

There are a number of hosted survey solutions in the market field. They charge you for each survey. Why pay every time to talk to your customer? After all, they are your customer.

iScripts.com EasyWebSurvey software is a free survey software supporting unlimited surveys. As always, the software is open source. We will be happy to make any customization you need for a very small fee. It is a PHP software with MySQL database.


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