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December Customer Spotlight- The Spot Companies

by Milan Mathew
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Park smarter with The Spot Companies smart parking system.

The Spot Companies help you get everywhere, easier by making it quick and advantageous to find and reserve parking in major urban communities of the United States.

Discovering parking in a major city and outskirts can be a stressful or unpleasant experience. Now, imagine being a long-haul or back-haul truck driver who needs to park a 50 ft. semi-trailer in an unfamiliar town, here comes the significance of this smart parking platform where the truck driver can virtually book their parking slot prior to the trip.

To simplify the parking process for truck drivers, Chicago-based truck parking startup, The Spot Companies believes it can be the digital tool drivers need to easily and safely park their trucks.

About The Spot Companies

smart parking system

The Spot Companies, founded in October 2019 at the Greater Chicago area and the CEO is a builder, strategic partner, and entrepreneur who had the vision to create a smart platform that enables on-demand access to a rapidly growing network of industrial facilities and businesses searching for parking and storage solutions.

The startup is a technology and data platform that aims to solve the challenges of finding parking for commercial vehicles in the “last 5-10 mile” of their journey, which can be a major issue for the logistics industry. The platform offers a comprehensive solution that helps identify known and unknown parking locations for commercial vehicles, providing logistics companies with a convenient and efficient way to secure parking for their vehicles. This turn-key solution helps address the challenges of managing the logistics and coordination of goods and materials transportation, ensuring timely delivery, and maintaining the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the transportation process.

The Spot Companies believes in fostering a mutually beneficial relationship between commercial vehicle operators and landowners in order to facilitate parking for commercial vehicles and monetize underutilized assets. By taking the friction out of the process and focusing on finding solutions that benefit both parties, The Spot Companies aims to address the challenges of identifying suitable parking locations and helping landowners make the most of their assets. This philosophy helps to create a win-win situation that addresses the problems faced by the logistics industry in finding parking for commercial vehicles and helps landowners capitalize on their assets.

How does ‘The Spot Companies’ Works?

A company that makes it easy for drivers to search for available parking and storage space with security, visibility, and access that meets their specific needs.

The Spot Companies is a parking reservation and inventory service provider company serving millions with its on-demand website. The company partners with property/garage owners, vacant lots and valets to provide parking spots to drivers across the United States.

The Spot Companies proprietary data and platform solves the last-minute crisis, short-term and long-term commercial parking needs for trucks, trailers, sprinter vans, box trucks, fleets, and other commercial vehicles. Basically, a community-based online platform for listing and renting parking spaces for commercial and oversized vehicles. It connects property owners and commercial vehicle operators and facilitates the process of renting parking and storage. Moreover, it participates in the B2B sharing economy by allowing property owners to monetize unused space.

The platform is targeted intermodal transportation companies, private owner/operators, fleet managers, and utility companies who require storage space for their vehicles.

It’s easy! Just access, request, book, and park.

The platform has two equally important actors; Truck Drivers and Property Owners. Actors can sign up and access as a Truck Driver or Property Owner respectively based on their needs.

As a Truck Driver

  • Create an account and complete the profile with the required information.
  • Find the parking slot by searching the Property listings by typing in the city or address where a driver needs space as well as the desired date range.
  • Use the Type of Vehicle from dropdown menus to narrow results to the perfect location. 
  • Select the location that meets the driver’s needs and book the space.
  • Property owners have 24 hours to respond to the request.
  • If the driver needs immediate confirmation, book one of the Instant Approval space.

As a Property Owner

  • Create an account and finalize the location listing along with property features.
  • The platform will automatically send requests from Drivers who want to book the location.
  • 24 hours to respond to these requests.
  • Monetize and utilize the property upon booking confirmation.

How does this platform beneficial for Truck Drivers and Property Owners?

A Smart Parking Platform for Trucks and Commercial Vehicles

As per the latest statistics, there are around 3.5 million professional truck drivers in the United States, but there are only less than 400,000 available parking spots for trucks. This means the truck drivers are spending no more than 11 hours per day on the road without a proper parking slot, finding a parking slot becomes the biggest challenge for a truck driver.

As per an influential American weekly news magazine, “By allowing users to reserve a spot rather than circling dense city centers or spending hours on road, Smart parking platforms can help stem congestion and pollution.”

An app like The Spot Companies benefits both the Property owner as well as the truck driver:

Property Owners

Through the online marketplace, the platform gain access to a vast network of potential customers who need their excess real estate capacity. The platform helps landowners to generate new revenue and provide the tools to manage this new business simply and seamlessly through the community-based online platform.

The property owners benefit from increased market visibility (more drivers will see a lot of information through the platform) and increased financial bottom-line (consistency of drivers utilizing spaces). Simply put, they will be able to turn their vacant property in to a cashcow.

The Spot Companies creates strategic partnerships with parking lot owners, helping them increase their brand visibility and financial-bottom line. A win-win situation for both drivers and parking lot owners, The Spot Companies is their premier parking solution.

Truck Drivers

Truck drivers use the platform every day to reserve parking and storage for commercial vehicles, overnight truck parking, trailer and container drop yards, and many other needs. The spot companies is a one-stop solution for securing a location to park loaded trailers in a new city.

Truck drivers benefit through experience. This smart technology allows drivers to reserve dedicated spaces in real-time. Finding a parking spot for a truck can be time-consuming and strenuous as they can never be sure that they have left it in a safe spot or if they will find it missing upon their return. Avoid getting ticketed or fined for having parked in the wrong spot, and find the right spot for a truck through The Spot Companies.

Problems solved by The Spot Companies

  • Locating vacant space
  • Process for discovering the truck driver
  • Low availability of parking slots
  • Multiple parking rules
  • Parking without knowing the market standards on a specific place
  • Underutilization of slot amenities
  • Unorganized payment process

How to build a platform like The Spot Companies?

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