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March Customer Spotlight: SweaTours

by Milan Mathew

The nature of working in a legal practice implies health, fitness, and well-being are not always given priority. In any case, it’s important for the law professionals to realize that promoting a work-life balance is not only good for the workforce, it also benefits the bottom line.

Wellness is a broad, all-encompassing word and each of us has our own definition of what wellness means. Wellness is vital to daily living and a key component of competency, as we cannot be competent and help others if we are not well.

This competency requires a law practitioner to maintain awareness of his or her mental and physical health and wellness and identify ways to maintain a healthy practice.

It can be challenging to eat healthily, get regular exercise, practice healthy sleep habits, stay on top of finances, respond to family obligations, and tackle work challenges all at the same time. Stress is a regular feature of our lives but it does not have to be overwhelming.

To overcome and addressing these issues in the law profession, Sweatours LLC – a legal wellbeing company working towards wellbeing programs cover every base, from wellness challenges to social connection tips to stress reduction tips. The panel of nutritionists, trainers, counselors, and doctors will guide the law professional with the information they need. A team of students or legal professionals that communicate with one another build a stronger community for themselves and those around them.

What is SweaTours about?

Sweatours is a fully managed, all-in-one wellness ecosystem that helps companies create a healthier, happier workforce. Services include; on-site fitness classes, food allergy, and wellness workshops, health screenings, stress relief programs, and a technology suite. The technology suite (Mobile App) tracks engagement, manages communication, and gives employees 24/7 access to the wellness ecosystem.

Project Overview

SweaTours LLC, was founded by two sisters based in the D.C area, they are lawyers and wellbeing enthusiasts with a combined 30 years of experience in team/relationship building, and building sustainable legal wellness plans. The CEO of the Sweatours is a certified wellness coach, lawyer, and TEDx speaker. She is a leading authority on mindfulness, resilience, success, and legal professional wellbeing. They have nutritionists, trainers, counselors, and doctors who help the clients create customized solutions to work-induced stress, anxiety, and burnout.

As a part of the SweaTour’s mission, they have developed a mobile application with the association of our parent company Armia’s mobile app experts. The app endeavored wellness and communication platform oriented toward users in the legal profession. Founders noticed there is a changing climate in the legal industry motivated toward improving professional retention and reducing burn-out. They have identified an opportunity to provide a platform to assist this mission through a user-friendly mobile app.

The platform was developed successfully by Armia Systems with full ssatisfaction of the clients. Here is the feedback they provided on Clutch.

Sweatours armia website

How is the SweaTours App beneficial for Law professionals?

The application provides the law profession with a Facebook-like social media platform to engage with wellbeing topics, which the app allows users to communicate in a message-board-style interface as well as direct one-on-one chatting.

It’s a free mobile application which is developed in native iOS and available on the iOS app store for downloading and installing. This application will allow the legal profession to look for daily wellness tips, resources and more. Chat with other legal professionals about issues that matter the most, post articles and comments, and personalize their feed to match the priorities.

If a law student or professional tried everything and just can’t seem to get out of their funk, try talking to someone who might understand how they feel. The Sweatours app lets them chat with other law students and lawyers who can tell them that they are not alone.

The mission of SweaTours App

The mission of the SweaTours App is to establish and maintain an improved wellness environment for the legal profession by increasing awareness surrounding depression, anxiety, stress, and mental health, encouraging personal and professional productivity, as well as increased social connection. Creating a dedicated forum for legal professionals to share wellness resources, questions, challenges, concerns, and victories.

Key Features

  • The application is a system of tools and insights for legal professionals to lead a richer, happier and healthier life. Increase focus, productivity, and time management.
  • Users can view, add or comment on exercise, nutrition, study, and work tips.
  • Users can manage their stress and anxiety. Meet like-minded professionals and connect to others within a few clicks.
  • The application plays as a wellness assistant in the user’s pocket. Check for daily tips, connect with others, and reach out to the wellness team at any time when users want to share their challenges, victories, and questions.
  • Find out how life is balancing and use the suggested goal plans to hit each element of wellbeing. Reflect on how users are doing overtime, customize the app to best suit user’s personal interests, and learn more about the areas that interest users most.
  • Chat with the Sweatours wellness professionals one on one if users seek more guidance on a particular issue.
  • Choose a resource from the application library of information to educate, reframe and encourage healthy changes. Post and share information about wellness issues that interest users most, and pick up information from others without having to re-create the wheel.
  • Access all aspects of the user’s wellbeing (emotional, physical, social, environmental, spiritual, financial, and intellectual) in one app.

How to build an app like Sweatours?

If you are in the lookout for creating a similar deliverable application for your company, avail free consultation from our technical team at iScripts by clicking the link below. You can also call us on 312-423-6728 or compose an email containing your business requirements and budget to sales@iscripts.com to receive the best digital solutions for your company.

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