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April Customer Spotlight: Sales Automation Tool

by Milan Mathew

iScripts has a different way of approach on customer requirements and their projects. We really understand the pain and effort of customers during the phases of developing a solution for their dream business. We treat our each account with utmost care by assigning dedicated developer with QA through out the project. Experienced project manager for each account keeps the project on track and make sure meeting the deadlines. While iScripts meet business requirements using the innovative scripts at very low cost, we do development services at nominal rates and at this time we’re proud to share the story of a project that we did for school domain where admin and users can do ad space management at most fast and smartest method.

8to18 Digital is a unique initiative by a team of professionals created with a vision of managing youth activities such as athletics in educational institutions such as schools or campuses for young talents aged between 8 and 18. To people who are not familiar with the terminology, let us first discuss what Sales Automation is all about. Sales automation is the process where the time-consuming and manual sales process are made to run smoothly with lesser labour and hence using the remaining for better and efficient services.

Inbound and Outbound Sales - iScripts

iScripts has been in the game of developing customized software products with the highest quality and services since 2013. The years of expertise has gained us a lot of new learning experiences every time we engage in a project. One such project was the development of the Sales Automation Tool or the SAT for 8to18 Digital. 8to18 Digital has been a consistent customer and contacted us to render them a customized software to manage their sales process which will result in better conversion rates and optimization of the outbound sales. This platform was created to sell advertising space across its web properties, IE; to sell the available ad inventory to local advertisers.

Sales Promotional Activities - iScripts

The SAT tool provides a unique opportunity for its users to utilize and capitalize the ability for the consumers namely, the parents and students, to work with local businesses for the betterment of themselves and the institution. The tool works in a very user-friendly way where the complete process just gets completed in thee simple steps. First, is to select the school/ educational institution, second is to pick the slot and lastly is to pay.

Sales Automation Tool - iScripts

SAT users will have to log into the platform using their unique login credentials to gain complete access to different sales tools employed in SAT such as collaterals, forums, display of the available inventory within their territory and other useful tools. This tool helps in outlining a streamlined process that will provide integrated content and performance functions to be organized in a step-by-step flow. The purpose of this is to provide a very simple and easy-to-use order entry process to complete a transaction between the client payment and billing. The software enables third-party systems to access the inventories and book slots based on which it receives priority above the usual sales representatives.

The system was mainly formulated using the following languages: PHP(LAMP), MySQL, Apache, Linux and Angular JS. The mobile application devised is integrated with the following features: Adtech, Content Management, Ad API, CRM integration, Automated Work Flow, Document Management System, and Advertising and Marketing. The SAT eases the complete sales force process which on the other hand will help in improving the productivity with the effective use of human resources and other functionalities.
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