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Customer Spotlight: Online Community Websites

by Milan Mathew

Are you interested in online businesses?

Many business personas are creating online community websites using our standalone software solutions.

Take a peek at the up-coming startups:


Ayurved is a unique social networking community dedicated to natural living, a popular and growing market. The website is derived from the social network script, iScripts SocialWare. It discusses Ayurveda’s living, yoga, and nature, along with balance and harmony within the body and spirit. People who share similar interests can make use of this website, and even participate by inviting their friends to the community to grow and spread the influence of Ayurveda in the world. They can also freely express themselves to the world by writing about topics they are familiar with and interested in.


iScripts SocialWare is a social networking portal software with a wide arena of functionalities. It’s highly user-friendly and graphic intensive. You can use it to build a widespread network of contacts and users across the globe, similar to the top social media and networking sites that exist today, but for a small fraction of the cost.

Ready to create your own social networking site? All you need is an iScripts SocialWare script. To experience the latest changes for yourself, try the Live DEMO!

Another site recently brought to existence is art-wonders, which targets the artistic community by providing a free sales platform to photographers, engraving artists, painters, and other artists. Artists from around the world involved in various forms of media are encouraged to design, publish and sell their creations. Positioned as a free place to sell artwork and gain exposure, every artist receives his/her own page and unique gallery.


The base software used for this photo-selling online portal is iScripts MultiCart– the multi-vendor shopping cart software that allows the creation of eCommerce marketplace with multiple vendors in the back-end. Let’s meet some On-demand service platforms, that change the consumer landscape.

iScripts MultiCart is a feature-rich shopping cart system that handles multiple vendors thereby generating multiple storefronts.

The package also includes a mobile app, which is available for Vendors as well as Buyers. 

If you are creating a marketplace for the first time or you have an eCommerce website MultiCart provides you features and functionalities you need to make your online store successful.

All- Paca
All-paca is a one-stop store for all your alpaca shopping needs. Alpacas – small, domesticated camel-like animals resemble llamas. You can find them on farms, at home as pets, or used in shows and events. All-Paca offers a large list of alpaca products from which buyers can select their favorite items to view and purchase. The site showcases accessories and special alpaca products and related goods from a wide variety of sellers around the world.

This website is another example of business diversities that iScripts Multi-Vendor Shopping Cart can easily handle. The script is flexible enough to use with an idea or product created by and sold to people around the world, using one single niche marketplace. See more business ideas and solutions in our public showcase or contact us with your specific questions.


Start your own online business by giving your customers the ability to create your own eCommerce marketplace with multiple vendors in the back-end. The software comes fully equipped with everything you need to launch and maintain your own eCommerce business.

Our new Android app for iScripts MultiCart will certainly bring your website up to a new level. It enables you to compete in an industry that is constantly evolving. Here are some tips for selling online.

See the examples of MultiCart that we have built. Watch the Demo to experience how easy it is to set up your own modern eCommerce site.

See the full list of features for our Multi-Vendor Shopping Cart

Have Questions? Call us at 1-800-569-5538 with any questions you may have. We would be happy to assist you! You may also email us at sales@iscripts.com or use the live chat option on our website.

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