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Customer Spotlight October: Trail Town USA

by Sheri Levitt

The iScripts.com customer spotlight is proud to present Trail Town USA, sponsored by Tail Blazer Magazine, serving the equestrian community and all of the hobbyists that enjoy this niche.

Trail Town USA bannerFrom trailtownusa.com: “TrailTownUsa.com (TTUSA) is a bold, innovative new website that will provide an unprecedented opportunity for trail riders to connect 24/7 with fellow trail riders and with companies that offer products and services for trail riding.

The vision of TTUSA was given wings in 2008 by a group of equestrians who are passionate about trail riding. We have been steadfast in the dreaming, planning and executing this groundbreaking website, and now, finally, this dream is becoming a reality. We could not be more proud!”

This website is unique in that it is the preeminent social network for horseback riders on the web. Not only is the site attractive, but it has a staggering amount of features that support almost any activity surrounding the hobby. This massive collection of resources features a general store, a staggering amount of literature for the niche, trails stories, expert bloggers, and a place for anything you can think of horse and riding related.

Initially, the owners of the site, Trail Blazer Magazine, wanted to offer more resources to their readers including a social networking/ interactivity site. They created this paid service site to monetize for future expansion and grow their brand. Since launch, they have experienced a large amount of growth and success.

a man sitting on a horseRecently, the site has added a geo-cache feature which inspires riders to adventure out to new areas and experience the best the hobby has to offer. Armed with a GPS, the “EquiCache” tool allows you to access a database of coordinates for the best places and hidden spots as listed by experienced riders.

Currently, a new version of the site is being constructed for an even better user interface to make the site a seamless portal for the enjoyment of equestrians everywhere.

We are proud to have this site as part of the iScripts family and it is a great example of serving a niche successfully while still enjoying the activities associated. Even though this site has a very specific target market, it serves as a great example for anyone who is looking to cater to a niche market of their own.

The success of Trail Town USA and Trail Blazer Magazine is due to the passion and persistence for the hobby that all the people behind the scenes have exhibited over the past few years. In short, if you have ever thought of taking your own passions to the next level, this site is proof that anyone can succeed with enough persistence. To get more idea on the the multi-vendor software know the benefits of Multi-Seller Shopping Cart.

Visit TrailTownUSA.com and see for yourself all of the amazing resources for fans of trail riding, horses, and the great outdoors.

mama made USA logoMama Made USA- a successful website dedicated to the buying and selling of products made by mothers, has recently launched an iScripts MultiCart-powered marketplace along with a Facebook extension.

Now Mama Made is accessible not only via its own website but is also on the most prominent social networking website ever created. Users are able to set up their own seller profile, list products, and attach their listings to their very own Facebook fan page in a few simple steps.

Mama Made was launched in 2009 and has been attracting hard-working, crafty mothers ever since. The site is run by a working mother who wished to help other mothers profit from their hobbies and crafts.

With this central goal, the site provides services such as shout-outs on social networking sites, website maintenance, and directory listings so that mothers can focus on crafts and kids instead of business management.

With their Facebook fan page topping, 2,000 fans and their site traffic continually increasing, taking the next step into the innovative world of Facebook applications seemed to be the next logical step. iScripts development team customized iScripts Multicart to extend the multi-vendor e-commerce store as a Facebook app to enhance the current marketing strategy.

We have the means to provide online businesses with this up-and-coming e-commerce strategy. Mama Made users can list products on the Facebook application, allowing Facebook users to purchase these items without having to leave the friendly confines of Facebook. Social e-commerce is booming, and Mama Made is jumping into this new, exciting business platform.

Can your small business, online company, or website use a Facebook store to generate more sales? Well, of course, it can! Enabling Facebook sales to open your store to Facebook’s millions of users. Mama Made USA is a perfect example of how your successful business can become even more successful with the integration of a store on a social networking site. Get an idea about the business and understand the benefits of Multi-Store Shopping Cart Software for your business.

Convinced that you need to embrace the world of Facebook applications and be a frontrunner in the soon-to-be inevitable world of social e-commerce? The developers here at iScripts.com want to help you enter this market!

Click here to view the Mama Made USA website and see all that they are doing to help working mothers!

Click here to view the iScripts.com MultiCart website and find out how you can start your own Facebook store today!

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